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Manufacturers stay dynamic to survive, deploying cutting-edge tactics and technologies across warehouses and production lines. Combining priorities like precision engineering, automation, safety, and compliance in one assembly, manufacturers set standards that other industries can only aspire towards.

Top priorities

Productivity and efficiency
Supply chain optimization

As the industry embraces digitization and international opportunities online, a new wave of online risks threatens to bring supply chains and production lines grinding to a halt.

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71% of manufacturers cite technology as a supply chain obstacle.

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Manufacturing was phishing's #1 target in 2022, with 1/4 of all attacks.

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More than half of the industry faced OT attacks in 2022.

Producing your manufacturing objectives

Innovation drives the manufacturing and automotive industry. Business leaders pioneer new ways to optimize supply chains, increase quality, and streamline efficiency, empowered by technological solutions. With EBRAND, you’ll unlock fresh tools and perspectives for operationalizing your assets and acheiving your goals.

Manufacturing relies on international networks of brands, products, and markets, requiring webstores and outlets to connect with customers. Industry leaders often manage thousands of domains in hundreds of different markets. Aligning your domain infrastructure with consistent branding presence builds professionalism and sustainable revenue.
Impersonators exploit hard-earned reputations across the internet, faking profiles to divert traffic and rake in sales. For manufacturers in particular, brand spoofing attacks soared by over a third in recent years. EBRAND delivers the tools to unmask impersonators, improving customer experience and returning revenue to its rightful place.
Increasing market share delivers an edge over competitors, keeping manufacturers running with enough revenue to fuel the next innovation. EBRAND helps business leaders boost demand by cutting out counterfeiters, increasing revenue and shoring up quality assurance.
Manufacturers thrive in new markets, launching new products and tailoring launches to meet regional needs. Market overviews, including brand roles, product usage, and industry trends help manufacturers branch out, mitigating localized risks and single market turbulence.

Engineers work hard to perfect their products, making it all the more frustrating when counterfeiters rip them off. Ultimately, product piracy risks lives, the most counterfeited car parts include like saving products like brake pads, lights, and air bags. Firms fight back with EBRAND Online Brand Protection, searching, identifying, and removing counterfeits with ease.

Tailoring distribution to different regions helps manufacturers meet international regulations, supply chain demands, and cultural norms. However, grey markets exploit these decisions, putting clients and revenues at risk. Manufacturers with the right solutions clamp down on grey markets and stamp out parallel exports.
Intellectual property gives manufacturers and automotive firms an edge over their competition, making them a top target for theft and infringement. Targeting the full range of intellectual property, grifters rip off product descriptions and branding, guidance documentation, diagnostics software, and even merchandise from auto firms. Online Brand Protection lets you hunt down infringements in all its forms and remove them from the market.
Manufacturers build strong brands and valuable products, making them a lucrative target for digital fraudsters. When cybercriminals spoof these brands online, they launch data-harvesting scams, job scams, investment scams, fake apps for car companies, and more, tricking would-be customers and dragging brands through the mud. When businesses equip themselves with effective digital solutions, they identify and eliminate these websites before they cause any more harm.
Sales channels revolutionise manufacturing output, delivering up to 50% of the industry’s total sales. With EBRAND’s Online Brand Protection platform, manufacturing leaders identify sales clusters and reseller opportunities, expanding their international network with data-led growth.
Successful manufacturers grow very familiar with regulations and compliance, as high-stakes industries draw close attention from authorities. Digital compliance, like quality, health, labor, and environmental compliance, requires the right tools to maintain. Boosting your digital compliance protects your assets and keeps your team on the right side of the regulators.
Hackers might not attack a CNC machine or a 3D printer, but they still find ways to target manufacturers and extort their assets. Supply chain attacks recently increased by 78%, and attackers cause untold damage holding websites and email systems to ransom. For forward-thinking businesses, Corporate Domain Management solutions boost security and fortify their assets.

Phishing, or social engineering via digital communication, impact manufacturers now more than ever: targeted attacks known as spear-phishing comprise more than 25% of cybersecurity threats to manufacturing companies. Fortunately, Digital Risk Protection platform let you search for phishing threats and block their servers to protect your finances, data, and customer records.

Counterfeit crimes in manufacturing

Counterfeit parts wreak untold havoc on the manufacturing industry, and auto firms often feel the brunt. When counterfeiters target precision engineered, interconnected workpieces, one wrong cog can send everything tumbling down.

Counterfeiting and customer welfare

Fake and non-OEM products in security-relevant roles pose severe risks to public health: parts like airbags, brake pads, bumper absorbers, wheels, and windows can kill people when they fail. As counterfeiting undermines undermines product lifespans, manufacturers must work hard to combat accidents, recalls, fines, and litigation.

High-margin counterfeits decimate revenues

Scammers fake products like grills, rims, and accessories, counterfeiting anything they can get their hands on, from car handbooks to internal software and merchandise. When phoney reproductions displace the legitimate market, counterfeiters slash company revenues, often using the proceeds to fund further scams.

Counterfeit products threaten human lives
Accidents may trigger recalls and prosecution
Scammers fake high-margin products and IP

Finding effective solutions

Three EBRAND services empower manufacturers and automotive experts to strengthen their business, tackle scammers, and achieve their goals online. 

With EBRAND’s Corporate Domain Management platform, your website assets work for you.

  • Boost partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Secure your websites and communications
  • Develop an international portfolio with defensive registrations

EBRAND Online Brand Protection unlocks the tools to recoup revenue, explore new markets, and hit counterfeiters where it hurts.

  • Streamline distribution
  • Remove counterfeits
  • Harvest market intelligence

Digital Risk Protection hones an edge over the competition, tackling threats while manufacturers tackle inefficiencies on the assembly line.

  • Unmask fraudsters
  • Cut the lines on phishing
  • Maintain digital compliance

Manufacturing industry FAQs

Like all modern sectors, manufacturers need effective domains. Domain assets underpin email servers and website infrastructure, fulfilling manufacturing needs as diverse as friendly check-ins and production updates, to multi-million-Euro international supply deals.

Speaking of internationalism, manufacturers make the most of international supply and demand, requiring regional websites to meet their diverse customerbase. As a Supply Chain Management (SCM) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes logistics, Corporate Domain Management optimizes ecommerce infrastructure, helping products flow around the world.

EBRAND experts work closely with your team to prevent any dropped domains, and ensure you monitor and acquire any website you need to support expansion and resist infringement to key new markets.

Structuring your domain assets therefore boosts and protects your communication, branding, presence, and revenue.

Manufacturers also thrive with repeating reseller channels and close customer relationships, founded on trust and professionalism. EBRAND services cement these foundations by boosting your domain security. Tools like DNSSEC, registry locks, and SSL certificate management fend off DNS attacks, hijacks, and cache poisoning. Reinforcing digital security deters cyberattacker and reassures your colleagues, partners, and clients, honing an edge over your competitors.

In summary, Corporate Domain Management empowers manufacturing industry leaders by optimizing domain portfolios, streamlining ecommerce, and enhancing security compliance. Ensuring peak performance from digital infrastructure, as well as your hardware equipment, helps manufacturing experts build success.

Counterfeit parts plague the automotive industry. Studies show that 1/10 auto parts could be counterfeited, raising huge concerns for consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers alike: in 2016, a household-name car manufacturer recalled 1 million vehicles due to counterfeit airbags, following similar recalls and accidents from other manufacturers involving crucial components like brake pads and gear boxes. Fundamental safety equipment makes the difference between life and death, along with millions of units of product and hundreds of millions in losses.

Manufacturers therefore massively benefit from anti-counterfeiting solutions, which form just one of the many platform areas that Online Brand Protection delivers. EBRAND’s ARGOS platform lets firms search for their products and product listings across marketplaces, webstores, websites, and social media listing. Identifying, monitoring, flagging, and removing suspicious listings keeps end-users, and the brand itself, safe from counterfeiting.

Legitimate sales channels also provide significant portions of a manufacturer’s business. EBRAND’s ARGOS helps business leaders verify their partners and eliminate fraudsters and impersonators, streamlining their online brand.

Beyond these key ecommerce areas, Online Brand Protection also supports key manufacturing use cases, including:

  • Digital brand strategy
  • IP infringement action
  • Patent theft enforcement
  • Market expansion
  • Traffic redirection

And more!

To understand your firm’s presence online, and improve it for the better, get in touch with your future EBRAND Online Brand Protection Partner right here.

The manufacturing industry ranked number 1 for cyberattacks in 2021, dethroning financial services as cybercrime’s top target. Criminals see the sector as a soft, valuable target that focuses more on hardware and physical products than tech-savvy specialists in banking or IT. When manufacturers fail to prevent digital risks, they prove these attackers right.

The sector proves especially susceptible to phishing attacks that spread malware throughout their supply lines. Malware and ransomware targets internet-enabled infrastructure like Operational Technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), decimating productivity and putting valuable relationships, finances, and data at risk.

Well-prepared manufacturers mitigate these risks, deploying Digital Risk Protection technology to anticipate threats, disarm attackers, and reinforce defences. EBRAND’s X-RAY platform lets business leaders scan across channels and attack vectors, enhancing threat detection and prioritization with smart scrapers and AI-powered algorithm. Combining powerful takedown tools with technical consultancy and legal advice wherever necessary, X-RAY helps manufacturers turn the tide of digital risks.

Building security, data, and digital compliance, scanning threats from LinkedIn to the dark web, Digital Risk Protection helps manufacturers turn weaknesses into strengths online.

Both of these issues wreak havoc on manufacturing companies, one from an Online Brand Protection perspective, and the other in terms of Digital Risk Protection.

While manufacturers rely heavily on physical products rather than virtual assets, they’re still heavily targeted by phishing attacks and other cyber scams. Reports show that the average cost of a cyberattack in the manufacturing industry increased from $4.24 million in 2021 to $4.47 million in 2022, and the consequences reach far beyond finances. Data breaches and phishing attacks undermine a brand’s reputation, disrupting supplier relationships, sales partnerships, and customer loyalty. Design leaks and customer data breaches ultimately undermine revenue, allowing competitors to elbow their way into the lead.

However, counterfeited engineering parts put lives on the line. Counterfeiters circumvent safety standards and legal regulations, jeopardizing consumers, families, and the general public at large. Moreover, counterfeiting costs the engineering industry billions of dollars every year, taking into account lost revenue, recalls, transportation, fees, and reputational damage.

While specific counterfeit injury and recall cases might edge this debate towards Online Brand Protection, the risk and value of each issue depends on your unique priorities. You can settle the debate in a quick chat with our EBRAND experts.

Business leaders in the manufacturing space thrive in the fine margins, optimizing workflows, innovating lean manufacturing, and pioneering the kinds of precision measurements required to succeed.

This same meticulous measurement applies to working out whether digital services pay off for your business. No matter the industry, companies typically set success criteria with the help of their account manager, and measure these criteria as their relationship with EBRAND develops.

Other measurement strategies like cost-benefit analysis help highlight the costs inherent in domain, branding, or digital threat mismanagement, and the resultant ROI from EBRAND services. On the Corporate domain side, for example, the automotive industry offers plenty of instances of expensive, time-consuming website takeover.

Elon Musk famously spent $11 million on, and such high profile manufacturing domains show the importance of pre-emptive investment and strategic digital asset management.

Regardless of your metrics, smart spending pays off, and EBRAND services unlock ROI opportunities for any manufacturer. Set KPIs and build a success plan for free with our team, and we’ll be happy to help.

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