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The tech sector leads the charge on modern business: creative companies innovate their culture, infrastructure, and products to pioneer the next digital landscape. New technology breaks the paradigm, changing the game for everyone, from new smartphones to the latest developments in AI. Agile organizations embrace these adjustments, while maintaining their focus on great products and services.

Top priorities

Trust and security
Safety and compliance
Piracy-free marketplaces

For even the most dynamic software and tech companies, each new avenue brings an element of risk. Cybercriminals see the value in proprietary code, designs, and customer data, so organizations must steel themselves against evolving threats.

$ 0

Data breaches cost the technology industry almost $5million each on average.

Fewer than 10 %

Under 40% of consumers trust tech companies for capability, reliability, and transparency.

0 billion

The Irish data commissioner charged one tech company with a nine-figure compliance fine in May 2023.

Threats to the industry

Tech-enabled industries face tech-enabled threats. Attacks on infrastructure, product offering, colleagues, and clientbases mean that software and hardware companies must stay vigilant to protect themselves online.

As technological leaders, software and hardware companies alike stake their reputations on a reliable website presence.

However, cybercriminals target these assets from every angle, phishing admin credentials for your DNS server, hijacking expired domains, and launching DDoS attacks at vulnerable servers.

Regulators keep a close eye on data security in the tech industry, so any breaches around customer details, proprietary design information, or software source code wreaks chaos on an organization.

Hackers love holding tech data to ransom, or simply selling it on the dark web, so firms must be on their guard.

Tech companies connect with clients on as many platforms as possible, from websites to app stores to email and social media outlets. However, cybercriminals prowl each platform, ripping off a brand’s names, wording, images, and logos to trick their targets.

Impersonations damage an already-suffering public trust in tech, so companies stand out from the crowd by verifying their brand and curbing impostors.

Achieving these institutional goals

Tech spans a broad range of offerings, from SaaS to hardware. Companies succeed by valuing each objective in each category, and boosting and protecting their brand.

Tech companies take pride in their proprietary code, but digital pirates plunder these precious resources to sell online. Whether they disguise stolen code, or brazenly sell it online, software piracy can be hard to detect, and harder to wipe out. EBRAND solves your piracy problems with smart search tools and effective enforcement.
Tech providers cement their online authority with smooth, safe browsing experiences across their pages. Your traffic should be wowed by your products, not concerned about someone stealing their data from your pages. Industry leaders achieve this goal with robust domain security measures like up-to-date SSL certification.
As you know, domain portfolios require plenty of work behind the scenes to keep their security infrastructure updated and effective. Most tech employees know all about DNS servers, DNSSEC, DMARC, and more, but they’re laser-focused on research, development, and product launches. Collaborating with Corporate Domain Management experts lets software or hardware firms rest assured in their infrastructure, and focus on what really matters.
Phishing attacks abuse customer trust and employee hierarchies, infiltrating business relationships and turning them sour. While it’s too late to stop your last phishing attack, there’s still time to intercept the next one. Proactive businesses seek out malicious domains with active mail servers capable of launching phishing campaigns, eliminating the threat before it strikes a target inbox.
Cybercriminals fake tech industry websites to steal traffic, grab customer details, and sell fake goods and services online. They also launch sophisticated scams involving fake job ads, advanced fee and investment scams, and subscription or affiliate scams- basically anything that leverages customer trust to generate illegal profits. To protect this trust, and their consumers, tech companies hunt down and eliminate fake websites, with the help of services like EBRAND’s.
In information-rich industries like software and tech, dark web leaks can devastate your business. The dark web hosts plenty of threats for software and hardware companies, including leaked bugs, backdoors, and exploits, source code, and confidential client records. Dark web searches help you and your team get ahead of any leaks, informing efforts to reinforce any vulnerabilities.
Fake apps infiltrate a trusting clients smartphone, stealing data and spreading malware in your brand’s name. Lurking in app stores across different platforms, scammers launch these scams and tech firms rarely learn about them until it’s too late. EBRAND’s multi-channel Online Brand Protection solution automates app store searches, and our experts take action to diffuse any threats.
First impressions matter, and consumers often meet your business for the first time on social media. Scammers hijack these precious interactions, impersonating brands and employees to launch phishing attacks and undermine your brand. With so many social media platforms, and each one hosting countless accounts, tech companies with an automated, ai-enhanced approach find the most success in protecting themselves on socials.
Regulators demand due diligence, but the amount of digital assets at play in the tech industry make compliance a time, labor, and focus-intensive task. Since tech firms often enjoy international success, yet require international compliance support, EBRAND take the hassle out of your firm’s workflow. With our help, you’ll cover everything from domain security and website redirection to Whois, SSL, and GDPR alignment.
Software and technology companies thrive on cutting-edge IP, from copyrights and patents to trademarks and designs. Enforcing this IP and eliminating counterfeiters helps you maintain your edge, deter scammers, deliver your customers the genuine article. With EBRAND, protected firms issue all the takedowns and effective legal actions they need to defend their brand online.
Scammers steal plenty of revenue from the software and tech industry, meaning that organizations themselves achieve substantial revenue recovery when their anti-scam tactics succeed. ERBAND helps legitimate firms reconnect with would-be customers by eliminating counterfeiters, impersonators, and fraudsters from the internet. Curbing fake sales helps firms gain an edge over their competitors and bolster their market share.
To succeed online, tech companies must first be online. A strong online presence involves a thorough website portfolio spanning all relevant geographical and generic domains. Expanding to cover all of your products, and chopping down any dead domain wood, helps tech companies optimize their spend and streamline their traffic.

Finding effective solutions

Keeping colleagues, clients, and regulators happy means reinforcing your digital infrastructure to let your products shine. EBRAND delivers the end-to-end solutions necessary to defeat scammers, expand the business, and achieve your digital goals.

Ensure you never lose a domain, and expand your online presence and digital security.

The EBRAND Corporate Domain Solution delivers all the tools and expertise you need rest assure, safe in the knowledge that your infrastructure’s secure, streamlined, and sustainable.

Unmask scammers on websites, webstores, app stores, marketplaces, social media platforms, or wherever they appear.

Our experts will guide you through the ARGOS platform, where you’ll search, identify, prioritize, and eliminate brand risks with ease.

Disarm phishing attacks, illuminate the dark web, and breeze through digital compliance to succeed in the tech industry.

EBRAND’s X-RAY platform comes with AI-powered digital risk mitigation tools, along with the seasoned support you need to keep your stakeholders safe and sound.

Technology industry FAQs

Cyberattacks only need one lapse in defences to succeed in scamming your business, but software and tech companies need to repel attacks each time they occur. Criminals leverage this disparity, launching extensive campaigns of attacks which pop up across different digital channels, from marketplaces to domain registrations.

These campaigns sap an organization’s resources, requiring countless hours of manual searches, stakeholder meetings, and processing time. Experts solve this time-sink by automating their brand protection, and using AI and machine learning to mitigate risks.

AI scrapers offer fire-and-forget solutions for detecting threats to your business, and machine learning helps prioritize any threats which require your intervention down the line.

For Online Brand Protection, Digital Risk Protection, and Corporate Domain Management, AI processes swathes of data, detects threat patterns, and automates decision-making to streamline your workflow. This increased efficiency frees up a firm to focus on growth and development, while maintaining an iron-clad digital presence.

Hackers exploit the dark web’s anonymity to plot against tech companies for profit. Breaching businesses, selling stolen access, and hawking confidential data, their threats jeopardize industries like tech which focus on their online presence. Crucially, scammers also collaborate in these spaces and multiply their efforts, sharing ideas, exchanging phish kits, and plotting further attacks.

Find out more about dark web threats, and how to solve them, in our recent blog: Dark web threats and how to detect them.

Tech industry expertise goes a long way towards achieving data compliance. However, even with the technical acumen to strengthen defences and tackle breach risks, the industry often slips up, from startups to the major players.

Updating your security protocols and collaborating with compliance specialists helps tech companies secure their data and avoid steep fines and embarrassing scandals.

Firstly, back-end domain security measure can boost performance and user experience while preventing hacks, hijacks, and website downtime.

Secondly, anti-phishing measures prevent deception via email, protecting clients and colleagues alike. Training employees, validating emails with BIMI and VMC, and tackling suspicious domains that launch phishing attacks all help your company stay safe and compliant.

In addition, monitoring the dark web for data breaches and security concerns helps you reinforce your defences and sustain your compliance.

EBRAND experts guide software and tech companies through compliance meausures, lightening the load and streamlining the workflow.

Counterfeiters expand their operations online across all sectors, and tech is no exception. When scammers distribute fake products, they put consumer safety at risk from electronic hazards, and undermine brand integrity with faulty goods.

Tech brands curb this issue by removing counterfeiters from ecommerce platforms, strengthening their IP enforcement, and shoring up resellers and distribution networks. Using dynamic, multi-channel tools helps identify counterfeiters across websites, marketplaces, and online shops, detecting fake goods campaigns as they appear international outlets.

Acquiring, authorizing, and sanctioning resellers and partners also helps expand legitimate goods coverage, and recover lost revenue from the counterfeiters’ hands.

Learn more about EBRAND Online Brand Protection to discover how a multi-pronged anti-counterfeiting strategy takes a proactive stance on combating the rise in fake tech goods online.

Tech companies become ROI experts to succeed in their fields. Whether you’re evaluating your own investments, or explaining your offering to a new prospect, dividing net gain by net cost must be an exact science. Measuring your net gain with EBRAND services comes down to the risks you mitigate and the opportunities you acquire.

Ultimately, it’s far more cost-effective to mitigate online threats to your brand, your assets, and your domain infrastructure before they strike. Proactive strategies pay off, and for tech companies, the stakes stay high across all digital platforms.

EBRAND offers flexible pricing options based on your success criteria and your firm’s unique situation, so get in touch with our experts to start measuring your plan to succeed.

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