EBRAND meets modern needs with cutting-edge solutions

With 2/3 of the globe online, digital business booms, reaching a projected $8.5 Trillion by 2026.
However, not everyone logs on with good intentions.

Cybercrime soars alongside ecommerce, siphoning billions from legitimate industries and leaving victimized consumers, brands, and assets in their wake.

That’s where EBRAND comes in

Our software solutions boost and protect brands, helping you capitalize on online opportunities and take control of digital risks.

0 + employees

EBRAND's experienced team, part of the Namespace group.

0 + clients

Our hundreds of successful clients span all commercial sizes and industries.

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We deliver monitoring, analysis, and action from all relevant data sources.

What we deliver

We help make the difference between suffering and success online. With EBRAND, you’ll unlock expert technical guidance, strategic consultancy, and tailored software solutions for Corporate Domain Management, Online Brand Protection, and Digital Risk Protection.

We want businesses to thrive online, so we built a platform to make that happen.

Our platform means nothing if we can’t help businesses like yours, making a tangible improvement to your day-to-day working lives. We’re proud to manage over 1 million domains, support clients with over 1,000 data sources, and complete millions of removals for global brands and organizations.

Let us deliver for you too

Our story

We want to share our story, to show you how our organic development helped us build the perfect solutions for supporting your business. Five core tenets help tell our story, explaining what we’re about, and how we can help your businesses boost and protect yourself online.

E -

European headquarters

We’re headquartered in Luxembourg, and surrounded by core offices around the world to serve local needs.

B -

Branching out internationally

Our offices, and our services, span the world, providing localized support with a global mindset.

R -

Robust and reliable

EBRAND demonstrates a proud history of 15 years of success in the industry, with founders that still manage our business and shape our future.

A -

Advanced technology, automation, and AI

With EBRAND, you’ll capitalize on cutting-edge technology, as machine-learning and intuitive platforms streamline your workflow and empower your teams.

N -

Networks of stakeholders

EBRAND partners, industry authorities, and clients inspire our efforts with collaboration, guidance, and success stories.

D -


We pride ourselves on the level of dedication we provide in EBRAND managed services. Expertise and consultancy supports your success with tailored solutions and round-the-clock account management.

EBRAND founded, part of the Namespace Group
We launched our Corporate Domain Management solution
Our first anti-counterfeiting tools went live
EBRAND published the ARGOS Online Brand Protection platform
X-RAY, the Digital Risk Protection platform went live
We’re pioneering new solutions, like External Threat Monitoring

We can help you, wherever you are

Our European headquarters help us support local needs. However, each national EBRAND office forms just one link in a chain of international hubs, providing localized support for diverse clients around the world.

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