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With the workplace digitizing more than ever before, IT teams have their work cut out to keep the business running smoothly. Modern IT specialists maintain and expand their company’s digital assets, from ecommerce platforms to websites and email servers, and keeping these channels safe and efficient requires the right solution.

Top priorities

Tackling risks to digital assets
Centralizing technical infrastructure
Streamlining IT workloads

EBRAND services help IT teams streamline their workloads and succeed above and beyond their digital goals.

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Almost 3/4 of IT teams report feeling overwhelmed by their workload.

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The average cyber breach costs companies over $4 million dollars.

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84% of IT professionals spend too much time on routine tasks.

IT objectives

Successful IT teams collaborate to succeed, making the most of the tools at hand. For each team member, from architects to admins and analysts, and EBRAND delivers versatile solutions to achieve these IT goals:

Domain security prevents domain hijacking and DNS attacks such as DNS spoofing and cache poisoning. IT teams expand their security systems to protect their domains with measures like two-factor authentication and regular monitoring. With EBRAND domain management, tools such as registry locks and DNSSEC deliver safe, effective website function, warding off traffic redirection, hacks, and service disruptions.
IT teams aim for safe, effective digital infrastructure, but missing SSL certificates spook website visitors and internal colleagues alike with warnings and pop-ups. Completing and updating SSL certification takes precious time from an IT team’s schedule, but EBRAND takes the issue off your plate. IT teams therefore prioritize more pressing issues, while maintaining security and SSL certification with EBRAND.
Managing the Domain Name System (DNS) proves critical for IT teams across the globe. When businesses optimize their DNS record configuration, including A records, CNAMEs, MX records, and SPF records, they build concrete foundations for email delivery function, website accessibility, and other essential domain services. Enforcing domain authorizations prevents accidental or malicious changes to domain names and DNS zone files, essential for an effective IT team. Reviewing and updating DNS settings helps your department avoid misconfigurations and website service disruptions.
IT teams often excel at managing their existing assets, but going beyond your defences and looking at your infrastructure from an outside perspective takes your digital infrastructure to the next level. External attack surface management (EASM) helps your team’s analysts and architects work proactively to protect your business.
Domains form the bedrock of modern business function, highlighting domain and SSL certificate renewals as a crucial IT objective. Lapsed renewals completely undermine a company’s control over their domain, resulting in downtime, loss of email services, and potential damage to your brand’s online presence. The EBRAND platform and service support ensures that your businesses catches every renewal on time.
DNS propagation delays wreak havoc on domain function, bring website service grinding to a halt. As propagation issues stem from any minor DNS setting changes, from updating IP addresses to switching hosting providers, management support helps IT teams keep their domain portfolio robust. EBRAND’s Anycast DNS service also helps company’s bolster their server performance, and disarm DDoS attacks. Monitoring DNS propagation and addressing performance issues promptly minimizes downtime and ensures smooth transitions.
Safe employees mean safe companies and safe digital assets, so IT teams must protect their colleagues’ inboxes from phishing scams. EBRAND Digital Risk Protection platform detects suspicious domains and MX servers, flagging suspected phishers for takedown and preventing potentials hacks and breaches.
Modern IT teams maintain high compliance standards, with no room for fines, breaches, or reputational damage from contravening regulations. Partnering with consultants and compliance management experts like EBRAND helps your business focus on what matters: security and growth.
Smooth domain administration relies on deep understanding and experience around registrar policies and procedures, especially during domain transfers or registrant information updates. In the context of business mergers and digital asset consolidation, EBRAND facilitates stress-free collaboration and management, assisting IT teams with tasks such as domain cleanup, DNS zonefile consolidation, and registration optimization.

Finding effective solutions

We deliver a whole suite of digital solutions, with two in particular aligning perfectly with an IT team’s goals.

Websites form a core tenet of an IT team’s digital portfolio, and effective management promotes security and smooth function. Reinforcing domain security, management, performance, and strategy helps IT teams achieve more with less stress.

At EBRAND, we’re domain management experts, and our smart tools, experience, and expertise make it easier than ever to achieve your digital goals.

As they work to streamline digital infrastructure and empower their businesses with technical solutions, digital risks are the last thing an IT team needs. To this end, getting ahead of cybercriminals by anticipating and mitigating online threats helps IT professionals protect their businesses.

EBRAND’s Digital Risk Protection platform identifies, analyses, and disarms online threats, supporting effective IT teams.

IT objectives

Successful IT teams collaborate to succeed, making the most of the tools at hand. For each team member, from architects to admins and analysts, and EBRAND delivers versatile solutions to achieve these IT goals:


Intuitive portal

EBRAND delivers straightforward, easy-to-use portals for IT managers, supporting frictionless onboarding and sustainable value.


Easy management

With EBRAND, your team receives a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all things domains, including DNS, SSL, activity logs, authorization, and more.


Streamlined registration

Clearly defined default zone files help your team review their domains and anticipate their next registration or renewal without a hitch.


Zonefile history

Centralizing your zonefile history removes the stress from domain administration, as you can monitor your evolution and, if needed, roll back your settings with the click of a button.


Account support

EBRAND’s personalized account management supports your team during time-sensitive tasks like domain registrations, minimizing workloads.


Portfolio audits

Our support team also provides expert insights about your domains based on technical protocols and security measures, helping you prioritize your workflow and keep your business safe.

IT team FAQs

IT teams manage and support a company’s technological infrastructure, ensuring smooth, safe workflow. Among the broad portfolio of assets they manage, domain infrastructure often ranks among an IT team’s most crucial assets. Domain management requires a wide an evolving set of systems, protocols, and deadlines, while IT professionals must also protect their business from other digital risks.

EBRAND provides two solutions that align with these goals: Digital Risk Protection and Corporate Domain Management.

In both cases, EBRAND’s intuitive, AI-powered solutions help identify, prioritize, and mitigate threats and inefficiencies at scale. Automating management and risk protection, with the support and consultancy of dedicated EBRAND experts, helps IT teams streamline their workflows and free up time to achieve their goals.

Data breaches represent an IT team’s worst nightmare. From regulatory fines to bad press and reputational damage, a bad breach demonstrate a fundamental failure of IT principles that often results in a lengthy audit and reorganization of a team’s whole workflow.

Effective teams mitigate threats like data breaches and phishing attacks with smart services like EBRAND’s Digital Risk Protection solution. X-RAY, our Digital Risk Protection platform, identifies suspicious and malicious activity across online channels, from websites and social media to the dark web. Automatically flagging impersonators, scammers, and potentially malicious MX servers helps IT teams quash issues before they arise.

Moving beyond your existing defences, and analyzing attack vectors from the outside in with External Attack Surface Management (EASM) also delivers proactive, comprehensive infrastructural integrity.

Beyond that EBRAND Corporate Domain Management supports comprehensive security protocols like DNSSEC, DMARC, and BIMI, making both solutions worthwhile for any team looking to protect their infrastructure.

Security underpins the very definition of Information Technology, requiring the right technological tools to keep your company’s information safe. Passive protection and sensible management go a long way to protecting business infrastructure, but proactive measures take security to the next level.

Actively seeking out blind spots and gaps in the armor helps IT teams anticipate threats and establish long-term stability for their assets, their colleagues, and themselves. The right Digital Risk Protection Solution facilitates those goals, along with the following:

  • Threat detection

EBRAND’s X-RAY, true to it’s name, scans digital attack vectors like web content, domain registrations, and dark web channels to monitor and identify threats as that appear, and before they impact your business.

  • Incident response

Every second matters when it comes to threat response time. Cybercriminals attack slow-moving businesses, infecting systems, breaching assets, and stealing finances before they have time to react. Monitoring threats with Digital Risk Protection solutions allows IT teams to react as quickly as possible, and along with the support and consultancy of EBRAND experts, protected teams keep multiple eyes on their attack surfaces to ensure their assets stay safe.

  • Compliance

IT teams face some of the strictest regulations of any department, and there’s a lot at stake online. Collaborating with digital compliance experts like EBRAND removes the burden from your team, while taking vital steps towards an effective set of risk protection protocols.

  • More

Check out our Digital Risk Protection solutions page to discover how a tailored EBRAND offering suits your needs.

Here’s Kees Blom, an IT Manager at Remeha North West Europe:

“At Remeha, we only look for long-lasting partners with high-quality standards and high levels of service. This calibre of partners fit company standard best. Without a doubt, EBRAND meets those standards, supporting our team. Our account managers deliver unbelievably good response times, with the great customer focus we need to meet our challenges online.

Ultimately, we’re proud to work with EBRAND.”

For IT teams, measuring ROI comes down to a cost/benefit analysis around the most important assets and objectives. Digital infrastructure, in general, costs more time, effort, and funding to fix than it does to protect and optimtize it in the first place.

It costs more to buy an infringing domain from a third party than it does to register it beforehand.

It costs more to recover your website following a DNS attack, rather than prevent it in the first place with DNSSEC and secure management.

It costs more to pay for a phishing attack than to tackle scammers at the source by taking down their MX servers and verifying legitimate emails with DMARC and BIMI.

Compliance fines cost more than proactive IT management, and that’s why many teams create positive, productive partnerships with EBRAND.

Discover how you can do the same and get in touch with our experts.

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