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Reinforcing digital presences
 for travel and service companies

The digital services sector covers a range of vital services, from travel and telecommunications to logistics and ecommerce. Like all of these industries, travel services deliver the freedom to expand horizons and make new connections. However, cybercriminals work hard to disrupt these services and scam clients online.

Top priorities

Securing customer data
Ensuring reliable global presence
Tackling international scams

International websites, meticulous data security, and robust customs compliance help digital services companies deliver for their consumers. To maintain these priorities, support their digital infrastructure assets, and cement customer trust, the digital services sector boosts and protects its infrastructure.

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Distribution chain cyberattacks impacted almost all businesses in 2022


An airline data breach affecting 420k customers incurred a €20 million fine

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Three quarters of consumers base a company’s credibility on their website

Threats to the industry

Cybercriminals exploit every available avenue to defraud customers and hijack ecommerce. Industries involving cross-border communication and transportation, international domain portfolios, and reliable brands prove vulnerable for digital cash-grabs. Effective hacks incur steep fines, so successful firms must stay vigilant against all digital threats.

Distribution networks open brand new possibilities across the world, harnessing international possibilities to deliver digital service companies and their clients exactly what they need.

However, these extended chains open countless digital attack surfaces, which hackers target to harm your business for profit. Successful firms reinforce their partnerships and third-party relationships against attacks, breaches, and disruption.

For customers and companies alike, data security makes the difference between a valuable deal and a nightmare.

Data breaches cause customers incalculable stress, harm, and hassle. For services companies online, however, the impact proves precisely calculable, and the calculations often exceed millions of Euros.

Post-pandemic, holiday scams boom. Holidaymakers long to get away, and receive an excellent service from a reputable travel company.

Scammers exploit that longing, and that reputation, sowing deception across the internet, from websites to social media channels to app stores and beyond.

Achieving these industry goals

Digital services companies deliver whole brochures full of products for their happy customers. To deliver online, travel providers need to achieve a brochure’s-worth of industry goals, from data security to digital growth.

The travel industry, much the logistics sector, thrives on an international scale. Deciding which regional website extensions to keep, lose, or expand into helps decide each company’s fate, requiring plenty of technical and strategic expertise. EBRAND Corporate Domain Management helps travel firms fill any gaps in their website strategy, helping them represent themselves successfully online.
When it comes to international firms, plenty of obstacles stand in the way of a streamlined website portfolio. Mergers and international growth create messy networks of uncoordinated registrations, leaving websites vulnerable to maintenance lapses, wasted expenses, outages, and bad customer experiences. Managing your assets with the help of an expert delivers cost-effective digital assets.
When service users visit a company page, they want to feel safe and secure. Pages without SSL certificates create trouble in paradise, as jeopardized data transfers trigger red warnings from the first click. Logistics and telecoms partners maintain heightened awareness of digital security across the supply chain, so any cyber threats spook them from your page. However, updating and implementing SSL certificates requires time, dedication, and technical acumen, so many travel firms partner with experts to keep themselves safe.
Cybercriminals hijack website records to misdirect clients and lock service firms out of their own websites. Without the right website security, legitimate organizations risk malware attacks, data breaches, and tattered reputations. EBRAND services like registry locks, DNSSEC, and more reinforce assets, deflect hackers and appease regulators in one fell swoop.

Phishing attacks destroy customer trust and company security. When cybercriminals send deceptive emails, they extract finances and private details from your innocent customers and partnership alike. International companies combat these attacks by stopping suspicious emails from sending in the first place.

EBRAND’s anti-phishing solution involves detecting malicious email servers, and stopping phishing attacks at the source.

Holiday scams dash innocent peoples’ hopes and dreams, moving hard-earned savings straight into cybercriminal hands. The same goes for too-good-to-be-true service opportunities, as digital fraudsters register fake websites to dupe visitors and drag legitimate brand through the mud. To protect their clients, their brand, and their revenue, firms find digital solutions to detect and eliminate fraudulent websites.
In the world of ecommerce, every second counts. Website downtime costs international brands untold revenue, as visitors bounce from your pages and customers move to a faster rival. Dropped domains inflict minutes, hours, days, and even weeks of downtime, and some of the biggest players in ecommerce neglect their website renewals and suffer the consequences. Centralizing and managing your website renewals and registrations ensures you never drop a domain again.

Clients in different countries prefer a different approach to buying holidays online, and the same goes for national regulators. When well-connected companies maintain clientbases across borders, the task of tailoring each website with specialized marketing turns into an uphill struggle.

Corporate Domain Management delivers a centralized, consistent approach to your international website portfolio.

Criminals on the dark web threaten firms and their clients, hawking private records and credit card details, or selling intranet access and flaunting exploits to your login page. When dark web scammers sell access to your intranet, or your supplier’s infrastructure, they compromize your whole network at a stroke, Forward-thinking brands get ahead of these murky digital risks, using EBRAND dark web solution to understand threats before they strike.

Scammers evolve to trick their targets, impersonating brands across a web of digital channels. These cybercriminals might spoof your brand across social media sites, digital services pages, app stores, and more, as social engineering attacks trick telecoms customers out of their banks details. Similarly, impersonators deceive holidaymakers with links, games, fake raffles, fake air miles or loyalty rewards, and anything they can think of.

Logistics scammers also post fraudulent offers, create fake invoice, and impersonate companies to deceive their networks for financial gain. Detecting and eliminating these scams requires capable software solutions and expert support, and that’s where EBRAND comes in.

When scammers and malicious third-parties scoop up domain around your brand, they redirect your would-be consumers across the internet for their own gain. Some redirect your traffic towards competitors, some distribute malware, and others extract personal information. EBRAND helps legitimate businesses identify and counteract these threats.
Partnership networks help logistics firms unlock new markets and expand around the world. However, sometimes they breach their agreements or mislead customers, and other times, unlicensed resellers fake relationships for profit online. Professionals in logistics and in the travel industry maintain productive partnerships with well-enforced authorization by rolling out EBRAND services across their portfolio.

Finding effective solutions

Achieving your online goals, and providing service with a smile, means sustainable infrastructure, secure data, happy customers, and healthy ecommerce. EBRAND solutions help travel and logistics firms turn digital threats into valuable opportunities.

Maintain your digital presence across all your target markets with EBRAND Corporate Domain Management.

Our domain solution deters website attacks, ensures a secure, comprehensive domain portfolio, and protects your data, paving the way for happy holidays and smooth services.

Cooperative partnerships help networks grow, but impersonations and infringements trick customers and bring brands into disrepute.

With a solution like EBRAND’s ARGOS platform, globalized professionals benefit from end-to-end brand protection, boosting and protecting their online presence.

Digital due diligence reassures customers that you’re tackling scams and keeping their private details safe.

To achieve these goals, while also appeasing regulators, experts in the travel and logistics industries choose Digital Risk Protection. EBRAND’s X-RAY platform delivers AI-enhanced risk protection, and all the support you need to succeed.

Travel and service industry FAQs

Holiday scams boomed in the pandemic’s wake, as restrictions eased and consumers explored the internet to broaden their horizons. Scammers make huge profits from these kinds of cybercrimes, undercutting legitimate revenues and customer trust. Fortunately, modern solutions deliver plenty of tactics for travel companies to take back control.

  • Domain monitoring

When it comes to vacation scams online, forewarned is forearmed. Monitoring domain assets, from the names themselves, to login pages and email servers, helps identify scammers pretending to deliver your brand’s services. The right domain monitoring services helps you detect and prioritize these cybersquatters with AI-powered crawlers, and algorithmic risk monitoring, deliver effective countermeasures against holiday scams.

  • Impersonation monitoring

Of course, the internet offers more than just domains themselves. Holiday scammers take advantage of these offerings, faking raffles, games, air mile reward schemes, and company profiles on social media. Again, enforcing against these impersonators with smart detection and takedown tools helps keep brands and their clients safe.

  • Partnership authorization

Authorizing your partners and resellers with official branding helps reassure visitors and expand your global reach. EBRAND values the power of partnerships, and to that end, we partner with to deliver a robust verification system that helps travel brands combat scams online.

Explore all these options and more with the help of our EBRAND experts.

Cyberattackers increasingly target service industries like telecommunications through their trusted third-parties. Just as criminals hit manufacturers with supply chain attacks, travel and services firms find malicious attackers targeting their assets through vulnerabilities in their third-party partnership networks. With attacks on the increase, your risk protection strategies must rise to defeat them.

Organizations employ several strategies to protect their partnership networks and strengthen their cybersecurity posture. These include External Attack Surface Management (EASM), and threat monitoring, and reinforced authorization protocols. Protecting your company from digital risks and reinforcing your domain security both help to predict risks before they arrive, and strengthen your defences against threats from outside your infrastructure.

Maintaining a thorough website presence makes a huge difference for logistics and travel companies online, supporting new clients before, during, and after their trips. However, serving international supply lines and holidaymakers requires plenty of digital infrastructure, making your online presence hard to manage and harder to secure.

  • Optimizing your domain assets

International brands need just the right about of websites: too many, and they risk overloading their services, lapsing on their certificates, and confusing customers; too few, and customers lose out, or access services elsewhere. Effective ecommerce players find the perfect domain management solution, to maintain the perfect amount of assets to meeting their clientbase’s needs.

  • Optimizing your servers for performance and security

Slow page performance and server downtime wreaks havoc on ecommerce in the logistics and travel industry. Between accidental server crashes, server overload, and intentional threats like DDoS attacks, vulnerable infrastructure leaves travel companies at risk. EBRAND AnycastDNS mitigates these risks, delivering versatile, attack resistant servers that supply robust, valuable website service around the clock.

  • Boosting your domain security protocols

Like a travel company offering trips to the tropics, EBRAND experts provide every domain security measure under the sun. Logistics companies also need plenty of back-end support to keep their supply coming, and EBRAND reinforces every link in the chain. Find out more about DNSSEC, DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and more from the team themselves.

PNR, or Passenger Name Records, hold immense value in the travel industry. They represent a customer’s trust in your business, and their decision to choose your brand. Unfortunately, PNRs also hold a similar financial value for cybercriminals, hence the need to protect your customers from their scams.

Using two main digital solutions, travel brands disarm hackers and detect data breaches online.

  • Anti-Phishing

Phishing represents a leading cause of data breaches, as scammers trick your clients and colleagues into divulging PNR over emails. EBRAND’s Digital Risk Protection detects and disarms phishing attacks at the source.

  • Dark web threat intelligence

To detect any future PNR breaches, or to identify any already online, travel brands deploy dark web searches. Hackers and scammers sell travel data on the dark web, in covert forums, pastebins, or encrypted messenging platforms. Businesses won’t even know that their proprietary data’s for sale without an effective dark web search solution.

Find out more about dark web searches right here.

Modern business assess Return on Investment for new digital services by comparing digital objectives with the risks currently facing the company. In the travel industry, the rise in holiday scams, the tight regulations and risks around customs and client data, and the proliferation of competitors and hackers online all highlight the benefits of boosting and protecting your brand.

Proactive strategies always pay off in comparison with haphazard crisis management, so it’s well worth getting in touch with the EBRAND team. Reach out for a tailored solution, a custom success plan, and end-to-end support that’ll help you make it happen, right here.

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