CISOs and cybersecurity teams

Fortify your digital infrastructure and eliminate threats

Securing your infrastructure is easier said than done. Digital landscapes constantly raise new risks, but with the right collaborative solutions, security teams manage ongoing threats and gather the necessary insights to tackle the next attack.

Top priorities

Locking down digital assets
Defusing cyberattacks
Enforcing digital compliance

Cybersecurity experts need different tools for different tasks, whether you’re fending off a rogue nationstate or a teenager with a phish kit. Fortunately, EBRAND’s solutions meet the full range of CISO objectives.

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Cybersecurity incidents tripled in just five years

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Economists forecast cybercrime’s global cost to reach $10 trillion by 2025

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In some industries, Human error accounts for 88% of all data breaches

Digital security objectives

From CISOs to analysts, from engineers to managers, security experts must balance effectiveness with efficiency, finding the right technical solution for each new threat. Achieving the following objectives demonstrates successful digital security:

Cybersecurity professionals take pride in robust digital infrastructure, from email inboxes to backend DNS records. When hijackers target DNS records, they redirect traffic to fake sites and expose visitors to phishing attacks and data breaches. Digital Risk Protection services like DNS registry locks prevent hijacking and human error, securing assets and keeping visitors safe.
Hackers pore over every attack surface to launch their attacks, and DNS caches are no exception. When a cybercriminal poisons a DNS cache, the resolver redirects staff and customers alike towards phishing hooks and malware. Security teams reinforce their assets and shield their user base with reliable protocols like DNSSEC.
Absent SSL certificates present a huge gap in security measures, triggering alarm bells for visitors and jeopardizing sensitive customer data. Security teams therefore reinforce their SSL rollouts, ensuring full, up-to-date coverage, as a Digital Risk Protection measure. Encrypting webpages with SSL certificates fosters safe, confident ecommerce.
Understanding your defences from an attacker’s perspective delivers a modern means of defeating digital risks. This strategy, known as EASM, analyzes common targets, exploits, and weaknesses in your digital assets, from domain security to WHOIS records, finding proactive, customized solutions that meet your CISO’s objectives.
Analyzing attack patterns across digital channels helps cybersecurity teams work proactively, tackling specific cybercriminals, rather than each threat they pose. For CISOs, identifying perpetrators streamlines takedowns and imposes firm deterrents against future attacks. EBRAND services like the ARGOS actor module and the X-RAY clusterization tool, so get in touch to find out more.
Effective CISOs act fast on impersonators, unmasking scammers to protect clients and enforce legitimacy. From websites to social media profiles, cybercriminals host convincing lookalikes that dupe visitors out of advanced fees, PII, or fake investments. Monitoring names of brands and colleagues with EBRAND empowers security teams to eliminate imposters as soon as they arise.
As the world’s most common cyber attack, phishing earns the top spot of many CISOs’ priority lists. Phishing attacks vary drastically, but whether they impersonate a layer to trick your CFO, or they dupe your client with a fake invoice, it’s a security team’s job to stop them. EBRAND’s X-RAY solution prevents digital risks like phishing attacks, tracking perpetrators and eliminating threats at the source.
Cybercriminals exploit shadows in the dark web, sharing phish kits, planning attacks, and selling stolen data. Shining a light on these illicit channels reveals emerging threats, future hacks, and existing weaknesses. Dark web threat intelligence thereby equips security professionals protect their teams and secure their assets.
When digital businesses step out of line, authorities make examples of them with steep fines and headline-grabbing penalties. CISOs must therefore maintain regulatory compliance to prevent breaches, avoid fees, and uphold reputations. Collaborating with consultants like EBRAND delivers the applied forethought and expert guidance to keep your business on the right side of the law.

Finding effective solutions

To achieve your digital security objectives, EBRAND delivers technical solutions and tailored support. Our software platforms make it possible, and our team of experts make it happen.

People rely on websites, so they also rely on cybersecurity professionals to keep them safe and secure. However, beyond websites, security teams must also protect a full range of digital infrastructure, including DNS servers, mail servers, and more. The right solution facilitates all of these goals, while extending to other objectives like domain strategy and compliance.

EBRAND’s Corporate Domain Management delivers the solution, providing streamlined, secure, and effective website control. Find out more about how to make your CISO’s life easier with proactive consultancy and cutting-edge domain tools.

Cybersecurity succeeds with safe, functional infrastructure. Without the tools to identify and counteract threats, CISOs become powerless against cybercriminals. Cybercrime’s constant evolution and expansion, now powered by AI and machine learning, necessitates new solutions.

EBRAND’s Digital Risk Protection delivers this solution, along with the specialized support to make it a success. Cross-channel threat intelligence, smart detection, and automated risk elimination help CISOs and their teams protect their assets.

Security team FAQs

At the risk of oversimplifying the role, CISOs oversee digital security strategies. EBRAND solutions tackle existing threats, bolster digital defences, and fuel data-led strategies going forward.

Of course, ‘overseeing digital security strategies’ encapsulates a broad and dynamic group of goals. These goals include managing security breaches, assessing digital strengths and weaknesses, and implementing the right policies to keep businesses safe online.

A CISO’s responsibilities align closely with EBRAND’s Digital Risk Protection platform, X-RAY. X-RAY excels at identifying digital risks, taking them down, and delivering enough reporting insights to inform an effective strategy.

When you tell us about your specific security responsibilities, we’ll provide a digital solution that’s tailored to your needs. Get things going with a free cybersecurity audit right away.

Monitoring and reinforcing attack surfaces helps CISOs do their jobs. For modern digital companies, websites and domains provide essential services, so their attack surfaces must be protected to maintain infrastructural safety.

Hackers target DNS servers and back-end domain protocols by faking certificates, poisoning caches, overloading servers with DDoS attacks, and spoofing DNS themselves. Typically, CISOs and their teams already possess the expertise to tackle each of these issues in isolation, but tackling and maintaining full-scale domain security campaigns requires a dedication that could be better spent elsewhere.

EBRAND solves these issues with close expert support and a suite of secure domain services. In a tailored domain management portal, our account managers collaborate with CISOs and their teams to locate weaknesses, roll out new security protocols, and measure KPIs.

Secure services include DNSSEC protocols to prevent spoofing, registry locks to prevent hijacking, and Anycast DNS to mitigate DDoS attacks. From compliance to domain monitoring and beyond, EBRAND service professionals make CISO objectives easier, safer, and more effective.

Discover a personalized domain security solution to suit your goals, with the help of an EBRAND specialist.

For CISOs and their teams, security’s the name of the game. Cybersecurity doesn’t exist without identifying and combating online threats, and that’s where digital risk protection comes in.

Digital Risk Protection services may seem abstract or diffuse, but where EBRAND’s solution’s concerned, it’s straightforward: the X-RAY platform monitors risks and eliminates threats.

X-RAY streamlines workdays and makes lives easier, so reeling off a long list of benefits seems somewhat counterintuitive. Instead, enjoy these six simple benefits:

  • Strategy

X-RAY’s preemptive research delivers early warnings about the developing digital threats against your business, fuelling practical cybersecurity strategy and effective preemptive action.

  • Clarity

The platform’s single-source-of-truth solution collates threat sources in one place, providing actionable snapshots of your cybersecurity landscape.

  • Agility

Monitoring tools make cybersecurity more dynamic and adaptive, by notifying teams as soon as anomalies turn into risks.

  • Safety

AI-driven takedown automation makes threat elimination rapid and scalable.

  • Compliance

As a risk protection asset, EBRAND’s X-RAY keeps cybersecurity teams legal and compliant with strict digital regulations around the world.

  • Expertise

Collaborating with EBRAND unlocks stand-out support, and our experts commit to going above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. They’re also keen to get started, so reach out and start enjoying these benefits at your nearest convenience.

Here’s Kees Blom, an information professional at Remeha North West Europe:

“At Remeha, we only look for long-lasting partners with high-quality standards and high levels of service. This calibre of partners fit company standard best. Without a doubt, EBRAND meets those standards, supporting our team. Our account managers deliver unbelievably good response times, with the great customer focus we need to meet our challenges online.

Ultimately, we’re proud to work with EBRAND”

To measure ROI, experts contextualise their working lives with and without each solution.

Data breaches cost businesses millions of dollars every year. As any cybersecurity professional knows, the majority of these attacks stem from phishing, human error, and preventable exploits. Hijackers in December 2022 hijacked into New Delhi hospital server, incapacitating their systems for 15 days and stealing around 1.3 terabytes of data.

While extreme, these high-profile hacks demonstrate the costs of ineffective Digital Risk Protection. In a cost-benefits analysis, cybercrime raises the stakes, with digital services like DRP and CDM delivering additional benefits that contribute to ROI.

EBRAND services help cybersecurity professionals identify, monitor, and eliminate a greater number of digital threats. Decreasing detection time and response time creates effective cybersecurity teams, paying off by decreasing the costs and fees associated with successful cyberattacks.

For a clearer picture of your KPIs, and how you’ll achieve them with EBRAND, our team would love to get in touch.

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