Government and Law Enforcement

Empowering government and law enforcement groups

Modern governance and law enforcement isn’t as simple as patrolling the streets, or chairing a council meeting. Professionals in governance and enforcement alike navigate uncharted waters, while still striving for their priorities of service, collaboration, and justice.

Top priorities

Protecting citizens
Collaborating with partners
Tackling scammers and criminals

These institutions, much like commercial industries, embrace modern technological channels. Each channel ushers in new opportunities and new threats.

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According to the FBI, 85% of cybercrime goes unreported.

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As an incident average, data breaches cost the public sector $2,070,000.

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EU governments make up only 2 of the top 10 cybersecure states worldwide.

Digital threats targeting institutions

Both governance and enforcement deliver essential services, upholding society and the rule of law. Cybercriminals target precious services, holding institutions to ransom, stealing resources, and impersonating authorities to trick their targets. With costs high, and public safety on the line, officials must remain vigilant against each evolving digital threat.

Trust proves critical in government and law enforcement, and the public trust these sectors to keep their data safe.

Information security for ongoing investigations proves vital for law enforcement, and government data about voting or housing changes lives and livelihoods. Maintaining data security, and staying vigilant for any breaches, helps these sectors uphold public trust, while performing their jobs effectively.

When it comes to scams and cybercrimes, time is of the essence.

Digital attacks cause website outages, compromise data security, and spread malware, wreaking havoc on governments and law enforcement groups if left unchecked. By monitoring all relevant channels, detecting, analyzing and prioritizing risks, and taking down threats as they emerge. governance and law enforcement organizations keep themselves and the public safe.

Scammers leverage institutional authority to attack targets online, deceiving the public and the organizations themselves.

These attacks, known as phishing, impersonate authorities to upload malware, transfer funds, or share confidential data, from passwords to bank details. When organizations take steps to validate their identities online, while disarming phishing attackers and defeating threats like tax scams, they protect themselves and the public.

Achieving these institutional goals

As a sector, governance and law enforcement covers a broad range of organizations. These organizations differ widely in size and function, from local councils to international government bodies, and from small task forces to national intelligence agencies. However, many share similar goals in optimizing their digital assets to best serve their constituent public.

Whether you’re launching new services or retiring old sites, website require plenty of admin to stay streamlined and effective. EBRAND domain experts help law enforcement and governance organizations optimize their website strategies, identifying new domains to pre-emptively register, and decluttering portfolios to optimize spend.
As organizations grow, strategies change, and IT or cybersecurity departments churn, asset organization suffers. Many organizations don’t even know which domains they own, let alone their registrars, ownership stakeholders, and DNS server structure. By contrast, EBRAND domain management delivers consolidated, secure, reliable solutions.
Law enforcement and governance groups maintain security as a top priority, and digital spaces are no exception. When visitors use their web pages, these group aim for safe, secure experiences. Warning popups and security messages scare visitors from their pages, and worse still, unnoticed breaches wreak havoc on the trusting public. Upholding website security with features like SSL certification secure data transfer on each page, ensuring safe, secure service.

On modern websites, multiple protocols work together to keep the pages secure. Domain security involves protecting the DNS server and preventing hijacks, cache poisoning, and DDoS takedown attacks. EBRAND delivers a full-service end-to-end solution, removing the hassle from updating your domain security, and rolling out cutting-edge defences to deter digital attacks of all shapes and sizes.

Cybercriminals exploit organizational authority to trick victims over email, deceiving targets within the governance and law enforcement industries, and the public too. With EBRAND, organizations identify suspicious servers with the potential to send phishing emails, and take these assets down, stopping attacks at the source.
Scammers impersonate legitimate websites in the governance and law enforcement sectors, registering convincing typos and iterations to deceive innocent visitors. These sites extract precious private data, spread malware, and undermine legitimate authorities. Authorities themselves tackle these threats with EBRAND, searching and prioritizing cybersquatted and typosquatted domains before removing them from the web.
For even the most established institutions, website ownership is only temporary. Domain registrations span from 1-10 years, meaning they eventually lapse, and must be renewed to prevent service outages and cybersecurity threats. EBRAND experts manage domain maintenance and renewal, leaving focused organizations the freedom to prioritize their goals.
Both governance and law enforcement groups often embrace social media, exploring networks to spread important information and build public engagement. However, cybercriminals exploit this trend, deploying fraudulent logos, images, and links to trick users, sow scams, and bring organizations into disrepute. Searching social media platforms with a tool like EBRAND’s helps remove scammers and deplatform their fake profiles before they cause any more harm.
Criminals thrive in the secrecy of the dark web, plotting cyberattacks and selling dangerous phishing equipment and stolen data. This activity makes the spaces relevant to governance groups, and especially law enforcement, as soon as threats against colleagues, networks, and public individuals arise. Digitally-empowered organizations use dark web search tools to identify mallows activity and breached data in dark web forums, messenger platforms, pastebins, and more.
App stores provide a handy means for government groups to support their constituents with everything from tax to travel to emergency services and public safety. The latter uses, of course, also apply to law enforcement, and scammers fake apps in both sectors to trick the public. Legitimate organizations search, detect, and remove these fake apps to keep their users safe.
Governance and law enforcement groups alike maintain a vested interest in enforcing compliance, and to uphold their authority, they hold themselves to their own high standards online. Regulators also keep a close eye on the sector, so organizations within it take extra steps to reinforce their data compliance, and their vigilance against digital risks. Partnering with digital compliance professionals supports smooth, effective function and success.
Law enforcement groups thrive on partnerships, drawing on networks of experts to share expertise, and certifying safe and effective products to protect the public. The same goes for government organizations, who collaborate with other agencies and certify official partners in the public interest. Unfortunately, legitimate partners occasionally go rogue, and scammers fake partnerships altogether. Searching and enforcing against these partnership violations prevent the public from being mislead, and boosts trust in official networks.

Finding effective solutions

Hitting your digital targets requires well-informed strategies, secure infrastructure, and effective software solutions. When EBRAND partners with law enforcement or governance groups, two main platforms help them succeed online.

Effective domain management provides keep website assets and digital assets safe and effective. By boosting domain security, building strategic portfolios, and optimizing performance and coverage, EBRAND helps governance and law enforcement agencies meet their users' needs.

EBRAND’s Corporate Domain Management solution delivers all of the technical and strategic expertise that organizations need to boost and protect their online presence.

Staying vigilant against digital risks helps law enforcement groups stop cybercrime, protect the public, and establish their authority for greater good. Governance groups share a similar role in serving the public, and preventing digital risks keep their data safe and their services effective.

EBRAND’s Digital Risk Protection solution delivers these goals with the X-RAY platform, where AI tools and expert support enforce safety and success online.

Law enforcement and governance FAQs

Cybercrime flourishes in modern society: as people live more of their lives online, scammers target more assets over diverse digital channels. Organizations and employees live much of their working lives online too, so law enforcement groups must tackle cybercrimes against their own colleagues as well as the public. Fortunately, experts develop multiple effective tactics for tackling this trend.

  • Partnerships

Law enforcement organizations often specialize their skills. Collaboration therefore pairs complementary sets of expertise, creating well rounded skillsets that protect organizations while boosting their ability to help others. Public agencies, services, and task forces collaborate with each other and with private organizations like EBRAND to tackle the rise cybercrime. EBRAND delivers Digital Risk Protection services to help organizations detect and remediated online scams, while also providing partnership authorization solutions to further extend the network of collaboration.

  • Monitoring

Monitoring the digital channels which cybercriminals use to launch their attacks helps law enforcement groups anticipate and intercept unlawful digital activity. When organzations find the tools to automate this work, while prioritizing each threat and issuing enforcement actions at scale sets out a significant deterrence online.

  • Action

Both partnerships and monitoring empower legal teams to take the right action at the right time to stem the increase in cybercrime. Criminals device new ways to commit malicious and illegal online scams, and each type may require a different digital solutions. For example, phishing attacks call for server takedowns with the help of domain registrars, while social media impersonations may require service provider collaboration and cease and desist orders.

Combining these strategies helps law enforcement professionals fight cyber crime. To find out more about each strategy, and how EBRAND can help, just get in touch with our experts.

Governing bodies keep the public safe online by protecting them from digital risks. These risks include dark web threats, phishing attacks, website and social media impersonation scams, and more. Fortunately, industry experts design specialized solutions to fight these risks and keep users safe: namely, Digital Risk Protection.

Knowledge is power, especially in the Information Age. Personal data wields huge significance if it leaks, as scammers can use it to commit fraud, or sell it to make a living online. It’s lucrative value makes it a top cybercriminal target, and in their crosshairs, it’s at risk.

As new tactics for stealing the public’s data emerge so frequently, law enforcement and governance groups work hard to ensure every attack surface, from DNS, to webpages, to email inboxes, stay secure.

Website safety starts in the back end of a domain, the DNS (domain name system) server. Robust domain security, including DNSSEC, SPF, and DKIM protocols, build sustainable website safety, for users and service providers alike.

Beyond that, secure websites include webpage safety features like SSL protocols, securing the transfer of data between users, servers, and browsers. That way, any login pages or data entry forms stay confidential.

Collaborating with professional service providers like EBRAND helps law enforcement and governance group keep their defences up-to-date, thereby creating and maintaining safe pages online.

Public authorities keep a close eye on ROI, as they often use public money to invest in infrastructure, while also using it to prevent public assets themselves. Service and justice, rather than profit, guides their priorities, but they must still turn their investments into value for the public good.

When analyzing the ROI for Digital Risk Protection and Corporate Domain Management, institutions compare the risks with the rewards. The risks include phishing attacks, website hijacks, and large-scale data breaches, which often cost more time and money to fix than they do to prevent.

In short, pre-emptive measures offer a protective solution that serves user interests well, while also delivering a cost-effective, forward-thinking solution.

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