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Recent health crises highlighted the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry's importance for lives and livelihoods around the world. Medical companies meet developing challenges with digital solutions to boost and protect themselves online.

Top priorities

Patient safety
Customer data compliance
Supply and distribution

However, the high demand for healthcare, along with the private data and the finances at play, make the industries a target for cybercriminals.


Medical data breaches affected almost a quarter of a billion Americans between 2005 and 2019.

# 10

Healthcare is the joint-third most cyberattacked industry in Europe, accounting for 1/10 of all attacks.


Counterfeit medicine causes millions of injuries and kills a quarter of a million children every year.

Threats to the industry

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries rely on digitally-enhanced international supply lines and closely guarded client information. However, scammers, hackers, and cybercriminals find ways to unpick their hard work, and make huge profits at the patient’s and the company’s expense.

Proprietary products set each provider apart, and protecting your property from scams ensures your hard work pays off.

Cybersquatters register website domains in and around your product names, undermining your ecommerce, and tricking your web traffic into handing over their time and their details.

Counterfeit medicine is a matter of life and death.

Unfortunately, counterfeiters capitalize on consumer desperation for healthcare and medical products online, jeopardizing health first and foremost, but also threatening the industry’s revenue and reputation.

Regulators and hackers alike keep a close eye on medical data security, and for good reason.

Data management underpins consumer health and commercial viability, so crucial to the industry that hackers launch lucrative and devastating phishing and ransomware attacks.

Achieving these industry goals

Patient-facing industries faces a barrage of threats to themselves and their clients across their online channels. Fortunately, EBRAND delivers the versatile tools and expert service they need to deliver the versatile tools they need to protect themselves, and expand their online presence safely and securely.

Online presence makes or breaks businesses, especially around new product launches. Pharmaceutical companies often launch ranges of products at the same time, each requiring its own website domain, and fall victim to costly scams. Malicious third parties register your strategic domains, or even wait until you register a domain, then register a trademark on that named product ahead of you.

Working with technical and legal experts at EBRAND helps you align your ecommerce, marketing, TMCH, and domain strategy to succeed online.

In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, day-to-day tasks and future strategies keep professionals on their toes. These priorities may push the issue of domain security to the back burner, regardless of its critical role in upholding your online presence.

Hackers and scammers level new threats at vulnerable domain assets all the time, requiring regular defensive upgrades that pull a company’s focus. If neglected, firms face hacks, website downtimes, data breaches, compliance fines, and more.

Fortunately, EBRAND experts deliver end-to-end domain security solutions, organizing zonefiles, managing DNSSEC and DMARC, maintaining SSL certificates, and ensuring your businesses maintains a robust, modern domain strategy.

Similar to domain security, updating domain registrations for a healthcare or pharmaceutical firm’s entire portfolio presents a huge administrative time-sink. Mergers, acquisitions, expansions, and new launches often create convoluted domain infrastructure, where multiple stakeholders struggle to manage their assets. With the help of Corporate Domain Management experts, healthcare firms centralize their infrastructure and their registration processes, creating streamlined, effective domain strategies and polices.

Cybercriminals seek to wrest control of patient-facing websites, or take them down to bypass their defences for profit. These website hijacks and DDoS attacks take a toll on staff, and disadvantage customers, while revenues grind to a halt. Deploying domain security measures like registry locks and Anycast DNS keeps healthcare websites online, and in the right hands.

Counterfeit medicines poison consumers, leaving urgent ailments untreated. In the healthcare industry, counterfeits kill, and that’s why legitimate firms take a stand against criminals faking their products. Online Brand Protection delivers a holistic approach to anti-counterfeiting, searching all relevant digital channels to identify fakes and scams. Healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals use EBRAND to remove counterfeits, protecting their brand and their consumers online.

When it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical supplies, markets across the globe call for different regional products, regulations, and price points. Scammers exploit these variables, trafficking products across borders via semi-legal online outlets. With EBRAND digital services, companies identify, analyze, and confront these scammers wherever they appear online.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals encompasses a broad range of products, procedures, drugs, and services, creating plenty of lucrative opportunities that scammers seize online. Cybercriminals steal all kinds of IP from healthcare firms, undermining the bedrock of their organization and ripping off everything from stethoscope designs to pill coating technology and medical consultancy advice.

To combat these infringements, while safeguarding their brand and their customers, legitimate businesses use Online Brand Protection software to search the web for proprietary wording and imagery.

Modern healthcare spans the globe, and firms make the most of regional needs and localized resellers to serve their clients best. Tailored offerings, custom partnerships, and licensed branding all serve a business well, but their international scale makes these variables complex to manage.

Unchecked resellers may step out of line, changing their offering without authorization. Inconsistent messaging and unbacked promises bring brands into disrepute, damaging revenues and endangering customers in need of medical care.

Online Brand Protection supports open communication and well-maintained authorization across partnerships, creating productive, prosperous global networks in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies do everything they can to protect their client data, and yet millions of medical records leak every year. This, in part, stems from the frequency of cybercriminal phishing attacks. Phishers target companies, employees, and their clients, developing deceptive BEC attacks, spearphishing and whaling attacks, and more at their clients.

To get ahead of the scammers, and protect themselves, foreward-thinking companies take proactive steps to tackle phishing at the source. Digital Risk Protection platforms empower healthcare and pharmaceutical teams to detect suspicious domain registrations, block them and take them down.

Cybercriminals exploit the dark web, selling backdoor company access, dangerous phish kits, and breached data like medical records online. These leaks and digital risks often rock healthcare and pharmaceutical companies before they know what’s hit them, as dark web channels prove hard to access, let alone monitor regularly.

Searching the dark web with a Digital Risk Protection solution like EBRAND’s lets companies understand any emerging risks, informing their next steps in their clients, and their own, best interests.

Besides reaching out to trick targets with phishing emails, online scammers impersonate medical websites and let their targets come to them. These impersonators trick clients, patients, prospective customers, colleagues, and jobseekers with convincing spoof pages. Extracting money and private information from their victims fuels their scams, while damaging the legitimate company’s reputation.

EBRAND solutions help healthcare and pharmaceutical companies detect, analyze, block, and take action against these scammers, controlling their digital presence and establishing order online.

As discussed, strict compliance laws govern online behaviour across the healthcare industries. From tackling security threats to managing assets and protecting data, EBRAND experts have you covered. Tailored support and experienced professionals remove the hassle from digital compliance, freeing healthcare and pharmaceutical teams up to focus on their priorities.

Finding effective solutions

Succeeding in the medical and pharmaceutical industries means overcoming a diverse and challenging set of obstacles. Fortunately, EBRAND delivers versatile software solutions to help professionals across these fields boost and protect their brands.

Protect your product launches from hijacks and misfires by implementing robust, strategic Corporate Domain Management.

EBRAND experts help you acquire and optimize your ideal domain portfolio, supporting effective ecommerce, well-served consumers, and secure digital infrastructure.

Enforce your brand online to save consumers from toxic counterfeits, tackle traffickers and rogue resellers, and recoup revenue with EBRAND.

ARGOS, our Online Brand Protection solution, provides all the AI-enhanced capabilities, technical support, and expert consultancy you’ll need to achieve your goals.

Take the fight to online scammers with Digital Risk Protection.

Understanding and defusing threats, from breaches on the dark web to phishing attacks in your inbox, creates a safer business with the insights to succeed.

Medical and pharmaceutical industry FAQs

Corporate Domain Management supports medical and pharmaceutical brands in four key areas:

  • Domain asset management

Considering the international outreach and varied product lines in the pharmaceutical industry, brands often maintain plenty of domains they don’t need, while neglecting the next domains to facilitate their growth. EBRAND centralizes your domain registration, renewal, and strategy going forward, optimizing your spend and supporting your expansion.

  • Website monitoring

Cybersquatters infringe on your IP and trick your would-be consumers, registering registering domains and creating websites in and around your product lines. With EBRAND monitoring, pharmaceutical companies know exactly who lurks near their portfolios, and how to tackle them effectively.

  • Domain security

Domain security experts get your infrastructure up to scratch, working behind the scenes on security certificates, authorization procedures, and technical best practices like DMARC, VMC and BIMI email verification, and DNSSEC. These solutions curb hijacks, hacks, and breaches, helping healthcare companies protect their customers and go about their business online.

  • DNS services

DNS, or Domain , help your website resolve. When hackers target these systems, or they happen to go offline, services suffer and customers lose out. Improving your DNS system, and upgrading to EBRAND’s Anycast, reinforces international website performance, and fends off hacks like DDoS attacks.

Discover more about how Corporate Domain Management could help your business right here.

Medical counterfeits wreak untold havoc across the globe, and ineffective treatment hurts vulnerable sufferers with toxic chemicals and faulty equipment. Even if healthcare companies themselves try to tackle counterfeiters online, they often struggle to detect and evaluate their listings, especially since scammers publish new fakes across multiple posts, channels, and regional platforms.

Online Brand Protection solves this problem at scale, searching multiple channels with AI scrapers, and prioritizing counterfeits with algorithmic risk scoring. Medical providers thereby unlock the tools to protect their client and their revenues, clearing scams from across the web with a persistent deterrent against cybercriminal counterfeiters.

Phishing puts particular pressure on the pharmaceutical industry due to the regulations and value around their client base’s confidential medical data. Phishing attacks trick clients and colleagues alike over email, evolving their tactics with lucrative digital deceptions.

EBRAND helps pharmaceutical companies tackle phishing with two prongs of attack:

Firstly, our Digital Risk Protection platform identifies domains and websites impersonating your brand, which phishers use to send their emails or lure website visitors. Proactively identifying these cases and blocking or removing the domains and websites stops these attacks before they even arrive in inboxes.

Secondly, EBRAND helps brands legitimize their own emails, offering a system called BIMI to stamp each send with an authorised brand logo.

Finally, by highlighting domain management best practices and regularly reviewing client portfolios, EBRAND helps companies minimize any risks. These best practices include implementing Null-MX records for owned domains without mail traffic, or CAA records to restrict allowed SSL certificate authorities.

A working knowledge of these technical terms helps healthcare and pharmaceutical professions understand risk and opportunities online, and how to capitalize on them with a tailored digital solution.

  • SSL

A website’s SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, refers to a cybersecurity protocol that safeguards the transfer of data between a web browser and a web server. Your SSL stops any data you put in the web page from being intercepted, making it crucial for confidential information in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. When businesses run websites without an SSL, or if their certificate lapses, their webpages display security warnings upon each visit, raising concerns for any web traffic. Secure ecommerce players therefore support their SSL to protect customers and reinforce their online revenue streams.

  • BEC

BEC, or Business Email Compromise, describes a phishing tactic whereby scammers trick individuals within an organization via email to compromise their digital security for financial gain. This includes spreading malware, extracting passwords and customer data, or transferring funds, and these catastrophic consequences can all be tackled with EBRAND Digital Risk Protection.


As a core component of a website’s cybersecurity protocols, DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) reinforce an organization’s DNS. DNSSEC essentially encrypts the systems which underpin a website’s function and performance, shielding them against hacks and hijacks.

EBRAND’s Corporate Domain Management solution keeps your DNSSEC updated and effective.

  • TMCH

As medical and pharmaceutical companies pride themselves on their valuable intellectual property and trademarks, the TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse) proves vital for effective ecommerce. The TMCH, run by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) connects trademark holders with related domain names. With EBRAND domain experts, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies develop effective TMCH strategies, deciding whether to register key trademarks to register, in order to plan which proprietary domains to block or monitor.

For companies delivering healthcare solutions online, ROI hinges on the risks at hand. Preventative and protective action with services like EBRAND’s helps you anticipate risks before they develop into expensive crises.

It’s more cost effective to disarm phishers than pay for data breaches. It’s more cost effective to tackle digital counterfeits than have scammers drag your brands through the mud. It’s more cost effective to organize your domain portfolios than pay for expensive domain recoveries, while you lose strategic website traffic.

Get in touch with an EBRAND expert to build a success plan, and find the best ways to maximize revenues and minimize risks.

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