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What is VIP and Executive Protection?

High-profile individuals thrive online by establishing valuable trust and integrity. However, cybercriminals exploit this success, launching attacks against VIP targets. As AI-enhanced impersonation scams, smear campaigns, and welfare concerns increase, VIPs require a comprehensive digital solution. That’s where VIP and Executive Protection comes in, mitigating cyberattacks and keeping high-profile stakeholders safe. EBRAND safeguards reputations, online IP, and sensitive data with expertise and cutting-edge technology. This vigilant solution disarms abuse and infringement, counteracting cyberthreats before they spread online.

Increasingly CEOs, celebrities, and influencers face digital attacks and scams in their names


Cryptoscammers spoof celebrities

Cybercriminals Deepfaked celebrities to spoof promotions for scam cryptocurrencies, sharing AI-generated videos and paid ads on X and TikTok.


$35 million BEC phishing scam

Hackers used voice cloning to impersonate a COO and support a Business Email Compromise (BEC) phishing scam, transferring $35 million of assets in 2020.


93% of countries feature political disinformation

An Oxford University study revealed that political disinformation appears in 93% of countries, including smear campaigns that attack politicians and VIP stakeholders.

Protect yourself before criminals hijack your reputation

Statistics show that attacks against high-profile targets only increase as their influence grows. Without VIP and Executive Protection, victims get blindsided by deceptive attacks with increasing frequency, cost, and technical sophistication.

$ 0 billion

Scammers stole billions with executive impersonation scams, according to the FBI.

0 minutes

Reports show that influencers and VIPs face an online attack every 10 minutes.

0 %

Fraudsters struck around half of all Instagram influencers in recent years.

How to take action?

Scammers leverage emerging tactics and technologies to target VIPs, incorporating AI, deepfakes, and advanced social engineering to exploit hard-earned reputations. With so much at stake, high-profile individuals must take steps to curb identity theft, cyber fraud, and privacy invasion. EBRAND provides a comprehensive, custom VIP monitoring solution, helping executives and celebrities secure their profiles while detecting, monitoring, and eliminating attacks.

The benefits of VIP and Executive Protection

When it comes to protecting your online presence, a technical solution delivers the tools and insights you need to stay safe and successful. EBRAND experts provide the platform you need to monitor and eliminate threats, paving the way for a stable, valuable VIP landscape.

VIP and Executive Protection deploys a kind of digital bodyguard, searching all relevant digital channels where threats to your person arise. You can set up real-time alerts for any mention of your name on social media, web content, and more, unlocking effective reporting, blocking, and takedown measures.
AI-generated attacks pose a growing threat to high-profile VIPs around the world. Deepfakes, voice clones, and AI-enhanced scams violate celebrity privacy image rights and leverage their influence for criminal gains. Tackle these threats with EBRAND by detecting and eliminating infringements whenever they appear.
Being an executive or a celebrity brings unique concerns, as well as benefits. Fortunately, VIP and Executive Protection lets you search social media channels and news websites for personal information and images that threaten your privacy. Set triggers on keywords and sentiment indicators, and you’ll learn when your PR efforts are paying off.
They’re called influencers for a reason, as VIPs wield significant clout online. Unfortunately, cybercriminals exploit this influence, impersonating VIPs on social media and via email for phishing attacks, promotion frauds, and more, lending their scams a false seal of approval. Influencers unmask these scams and takedown their assets with EBRAND solutions.
Online success relies on hard-earned trust and authenticity, which scammers exploit, dragging good names through the mud at their followers’ expense. By identifying and eliminating VIP infringements, high-profile users maintain a lucrative online presence.
As we’ve discussed, BEC (business email compromise) phishing attacks skim billions from the global economy. Impersonation attacks exploit employee error in corporate hierarchies, and follower devotion to online influencers, punishing the ones who respect them the most. VIP and Executive Protection thereby protects those closest to them, as well as the stakeholders themselves.
When executives and celebrities achieve a high profile online, they also draw the attention of cybercriminal data thieves, who target their devices and leak their private files online. EBRAND solutions help you detect breaches, and hunt and eliminate stolen information across the internet.
Industry leaders know that the right insights deliver the right results, and when it comes to VIP protection, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Compiling regular threat intelligence reports provides brand stability and peace of mind, helping you optimize your strategy and neutralize threats before they strike.
EBRAND solutions let you scan hundreds of sources at scale, including the deep and dark web, to protect VIPs and executives. Cybercriminals and scammers plan attacks and share stolen data on encrypted channels, so deep and dark web searches establish a vital line of digital defense.

How it works

EBRAND solutions help you search, monitor, and eliminate any unauthorized use of your personal details or your property online. Our cutting-edge software platform leverages AI scrapers to identify threats, then smart risk assessment algorithms score and segment any digital threats heading your way.

  • Utilizing advanced technology and human intelligence to identify and mitigate potential threats.
  • Monitoring websites and social media platforms.
  • Searching the deep and dark web to unmask cybercriminal communities.
  • Qualifying results with AI-powered, Identity-based risk assessment.

Our team of technical and legal experts deploy these strategies to handle any attacks and impersonations, protecting your online image and optimizing your strategy going forward. From fake celebrity endorsements to political misinformation, from leaked images to threats and slander, EBRAND mitigates them all in a well-supported one-stop-shop.

EBRAND in action

Our background in Digital Risk Protection helps EBRAND hone the tools that high-profile VIPs need to reinforce their brands and safeguard ecommerce revenues. We work with successful CEOs, influencers, and celebrity families worldwide to monitor threats and take down cybercriminals. Often working with family lawyers and family offices, we stop scammers usurping names, and taking down fake promotion scams and bogus lotteries.​

To protect yourself, your family, or your team’s VIP, get in touch with our team of experts, and we’ll find a tailored solution to keep you safe online.

VIP and Executive Protection FAQs

VIPs face a myriad of threats online, including identity theft, impersonation scams, phishing attacks, cyberbullying, and reputation damage. Cybercriminals often target high-profile individuals due to their visibility, wealth, and influence, making them susceptible to privacy invasion, financial fraud, and personal safety risks.
CEOs and executives are prime targets for phishing attacks, where cybercriminals attempt to trick them into revealing sensitive information or transferring funds. Phishing emails often appear legitimate and urgent, masquerading as requests from colleagues, clients, or financial institutions. Falling victim to these attacks results in financial loss, data breaches, and reputational damage for organizations.
AI plays a crucial role in VIP and Executive Protection by enabling proactive threat detection, intelligent risk assessment, and automated response mechanisms. AI-powered algorithms analyze vast amounts of data from various sources to identify potential threats, such as suspicious activities, fake profiles, or unusual behavior patterns. This technology empowers security teams to detect and mitigate risks more effectively, ensuring the safety and security of high-profile individuals.
VIPs can protect themselves across blockchain spaces by implementing robust cybersecurity measures, such as secure wallet management, multi-factor authentication, and encryption techniques. Additionally, staying informed about emerging threats and scams in blockchain ecosystems is essential for mitigating risks associated with Web3, cryptocurrency markets, and NFT spaces.
Celebrity and influencer names are frequently abused on social media through fake accounts, impersonation scams, and fraudulent promotions. Cybercriminals create fake profiles using the names and images of celebrities and influencers to deceive followers into engaging with malicious content, promoting scams that steal cash and data at a reputation’s expense.

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