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Online Brand Protection

Named after the many-eyed giant in Greek mythology – EBRAND has developed the most modern data rich brand protection platform on the market, mobile-friendly, intuitively UX focused, comprehensive and transparent.

Protect your brand online through the eyes of ARGOS

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500+ companies trust EBRAND to provide comprehensive online brand protection

How we work

A proven process you can trust to achieve effective results


Product search and retrieval on the most complete list of auction sites and marketplaces globally


Our expert team with the assistance of advanced machine learning can quickly analyse thousands of extracted listings to identify potential infringements.


Our large multi-national legal team at EBRAND actions take-down requests on infringements to ensure swift enforcement.

Worldwide and around the clock

With the help of various filters and algorithms, our platform discovers any form of product piracy across multiple channels globally

Online Marketplaces

Infringement search and retrieval from the most complete list of all popular online auction sites/marketplaces/data sources globally

Social Networks

We scan over a dozen of the largest social networks globally, with the ability to focus on unique niche social networks per product demographic

App Stores

We search the most popular public and private app stores to detect fraudulent/pirated apps with the ability to prevent them from being downloaded


Due to the ease in opening a webstore, EBRAND targets popular e-commerce platforms to search through millions of active web stores and thousands of new ones each month

Websites & Phishing

Extraction of websites via top search engines coupled with daily domain registration data and email honey trapping techniques to provide in-depth insight into new and up-coming abuses


EBRAND can identify illicit activity on the Darknet to provide intelligence on advertising/sales patterns that can assist law enforcement in further pursuit

Evaluation process highlights

Product title & Description

Identify your copyright/trademarked terms not only within the title/description but also within hidden meta tags/data on a product listing

Seller Profiling

Discover the same seller across multiple marketplaces and countries to form a profile of their selling patterns and markets

Multi-level risk assessment

Proprietary machine based learning that calculates risk across numerous metrics to form a clearer level of judgement in targeting potential counterfeiters

Multi-currency sales prices

A popular metric to narrow recommended retail prices of products across various countries/regions to quickly identify low priced counterfeit goods in 171 currencies

Fast filters

Fast fluid filters instantly adapt the view of products so our users can quickly sort through hundreds of thousands of listings within the blink of an eye

Safe/Banned listing

Mark sellers as authorised and unauthorised to ensure goods are being sold correctly across various regions by trusted sellers.  Reoffenders can be heavily penalised with termination of service access. 

Deletion of Infringements

Within the  ARGOS platform, data analysts identify red flags for infringements and assign them to our team of lawyers

Our legal team, assisted by our automated methods, proceed to enforce immediately by applying takedown protocols unique to each channel

To ensure more effective protection, we prioritize the enforcement of repeat offenders, along with our proprietary algorithms for risk calculation.

Key functions

On request data extraction across all channels based on defined search criteria and keywords

Specific technical and legal takedown methods for each channel to ensure the highest successful enforcement rate.

Automatically and manually link sellers to different online platforms.

Real time conversion of offer prices into various currencies.

Direct API connections to marketplaces and social media platforms.

State-of-the-art image search with lightning-fast filtering.

Machine learning technology to classify infringements by risk level and relevance.

Real-time statistics with the possibility of browsing ongoing and finalized actions.

Multi-dimensional data filter for efficient listing prioritization during analysis.

Multilingual: Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Russian.

A complete evidence package of all listings of a particular seller.

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