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This image of an EU office building highlights the significance of European lawmaking in our discussion of the Digital Services Act (DSA).
The Digital Services Act: What’s changed?

The EU implemented the Digital Services Act (DSA) around six weeks ago to fight illegal content including brand abuse and the sale of counterfeits on the Internet. In our last post covering the Act,

This image of a carved pumpkin illustrates this post's scary story about domains for Halloween.
A scary story: Domain nightmares this Halloween

Happy Halloween! As the nights draw in, it’s spooky season. This time of year, we often tell a scary story about supernatural creatures, but in domain management, the nightmares aren’t

This thumbnail contains our logo, and the logo of this blog's topic, European cyber security month.
Cyber Security Month 2023: Be smarter than a hacker

Welcome to European Cyber Security Month 2023! Every October, organizations, businesses, and internet users work harder than ever to build a better digital landscape. Except it’s not just European Cyber

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