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Domain Protection

Protect your digital assets by detecting and monitoring thousands of possible variants of domain squatting, preventing scam attempts. Customizable monitoring solutions crawl the internet through thousands of possible top-level domains identifying potentially risky domain combinations which can be used against you.

Brand Protection

Enhance your by automating the fight against the misuse of your brand through lookalike domains, unauthorized use of your logos, and misleading email campaigns. Monitor in real-time millions of websites and track potentially dangerous domains to prevent impersonations and misuse of your brand.​

Fraud Prevention

Detect and stop digital threats like phishing, spoofing, or scamming before they can harm your company or customers. Prevent attackers from leveraging your online identity against you.

500+ companies trust EBRAND to secure them and their customers against digital risks

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We protect you from Digital threats

Phishing attacks​

Using fraudulent messages to steal personal or financial information of individuals

Fake websites through cybersquatting​

Creating fake websites using typoor TLD-squatting to commit fraud, steal traffic or infect users

Impersonation scams​

Impersonating employees through fake email domains, social media accounts or similar to commit scams

Get peace of mind

What X-RAY can do for you?

Detect phishing sites, impersonation attempts and online fraud in real time, and take effective actions to stop them.

Find domains, apps, social media accounts or content on the web which impersonates your brand and take down what puts your customers at risk.

Clearly see which sites and user accounts are under attack, what techniques were used, and whether the credentials were compromised.

End-to-End Solution for Digital Risks

X-RAY detects, qualifies and stops digital risks to your company. Customized for what you really need – automation, managed services or APIs. 


You decide what asset you want to protect, and we identify the appropriate keywords/search parameters to monitor.


We gather all relevant data from restricted, premium, and public data sources, augment this with behavior patterns, and analyze intel for its risk level.

Take action

You can then see where an asset is at risk, begin our suggested counter measures (or your own), or work with our security experts directly.
Take action

No time to fight digital threats? ​ We got you covered!

Companies know they are exposed to cyber threats, but often there is just no time or expert to deal with this problem.
The X-RAY platform solves this by providing automation and built-in intelligence.
So you can focus your time on things that really matter.
We focus on your security

Automated prioritization
of detections

alerting ​

Automated reporting
to global blocklists​


What do our customers say about X-RAY?​

"Protecting our customers from online scams"​
"By using X-RAY to find impersonations of our domain either through the domain name, image recognition or content, we are able to offer our customers a complete protection from online scams"

Alex, Banking Sector​
"Considerable decrease in the number of attacks"​
"As a known player on the market, we were under constant attacks through business email compromise and phishing campaigns. Working with the X-RAY specialists we were able to drastically decrease the number of attacks by tackling the root cause of the problem"

Mario, Consumer Goods​
"Keeping track of the threats"​
"As an IT team we have lots of responsibilities, so we need to think twice on how we spend our time. With X-RAY we have found a solution which really supports us taking actions against imminent threats and keeping track of potential ones, without spending more time then necessary"

Frederic, Social Charity​
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