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Domain Monitoring Tool

Comprehensive monitoring and research of brand domains

Do you want to know whether domains are registered to former employees or which domains have been registered by your subsidiaries or dealerships? Do you want to be kept up to date regarding newly registered or expired brand domains? EBRAND is able to provide the answers to these questions and many more. Our monitoring tool and personalised service enable us to fully meet every specific customer requirement. In the area of domain monitoring, we provide tailored solutions for the research and analysis of your brand domain at a specific point in time, or ongoing monitoring over an extended period.

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Our powerful monitoring tool supplies a huge range of useful results for the monitoring and research of your brand domain

Wildcard search

Using the search pattern *Brand name*.tld, domains can be searched for globally, with the brand name in any position. This means reliable identification of compound terms such as brand name -shop, -sales, -friends, -fans.

Reverse Whois search

This search function enables domains to be detected when the owners are identical. This means that all domains of a former employee or subsidiary can be found and consolidated. Owner-related criteria such as name and (email) address are used as search terms.

Screenshot history

A screenshot of the homepage is taken at regular intervals and saved in our monitoring tool. This historical data may be useful, for example, as part of legal proceedings for the recovery of market domains once the abusive content has already been deleted.

Trademark Claims Service

Companies registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) are informed by ICANN as soon as a domain is registered containing the brand name of the company. Proceedings can be taken against the registrar if necessary.

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