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Secure your online payments and your client data with an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a data file binding a cryptographic key to your company’s details. It activates the HTTPS protocol and displays a padlock in the browser address bar so that your visitors can see that the site’s address is authenticated and that all transactions are encrypted and confidential.

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What we can do for you

With EBRAND, get SSL certificates delivered by GlobalSign, the world-renowned validation authority, to secure data flows between your website and your users.

Domain Validated Certificate

Domain validated certificate
Ideal for blogs, social networks and personal websites, this is a fast, low-cost, automated certificate. It can be used to secure your site in as little as minutes when you activate the HTTPS protocol and the padlock icon. This is a guarantee for visitors to your site that you care about their security.

Organization Authentication Certificate

Organization authentication certificate
Ideal for corporate websites, the certificate provides instantaneous confirmation of your company’s authenticity whilst protecting your website with the HTTPS protocol and the padlock. It can, for instance, integrate the name of your company into your site’s stamp so as to enhance visitor confidence. Visitors can view your company’s identity on screen, providing proof that the site is truly legitimate and does not belong to an imposter.

Extended Validation Certificate

Extended validation certificate
Ideal for e-commerce or banking sites. This certificate provides your website with the highest security currently available. It activates the green address bar, the HTTPS protocol, the padlock and displays the name of your company. These visible symbols of security guarantee the authenticity of your website and considerably increase visitor confidence, in particular when buying on line.

Wildcard Option

Wildcard Option
Ideal for protecting the security of your main domain name as well as the security of an unlimited number of sub-domains and associated servers. The Wildcard option is available for domain and organization validation. It is the best solution for people with several pages, websites and servers to protect all under a single root domain name.


Highest level of security

EBRAND chose GlobalSign to be their certification authority partner. GlobalSign has over 15 years of experience in this market and has already delivered more than 2.5 million SSL certificates worldwide. GlobalSign SSL certificates are delivered only after comprehensive and thorough investigation.

An asset for optimization

An SSL certificate is a simple and effective method to improve your referencing on the Internet. Since website security is now a criterion search-engines use to classify for position on the Web, you will be improving your visibility as well as gaining protection from phishing-type attacks.

Management simplicity

Centralizing SSL certificates and domain names by EBRAND makes them so much easier to manage on a daily basis. You will be using one single interface to manage all your technical modifications. We will send you one consolidated quarterly invoice for all the services we provide.

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