2020, the year Australia opens the .AU!

The Registry for Australia, auDA, has announced that the registration of domain names under the .AU extension should take place in the first half of 2020.

Reconsidered and postponed many times, this opening should allow a greater number of users to benefit from the many advantages of using an .AU domain name, according to auDA (.au Domain Administration Ltd). It took nearly 10 years to make it effective. In other words, the registry has taken the necessary measures to ensure that this launch takes place in accordance with the best safety and efficiency practices.

Before the general opening of the extension to the public, holders of .COM.AU domain names should be granted a period of 6 months during which they will be able to register their domain names directly in .AU.

The registry also specifies that the registration of an .AU domain name will be open to companies, individuals and organisations that can demonstrate an Australian presence. No other eligibility criteria should be required.

Expert advice

EBRAND will announce the precise opening schedule as soon as it is formalized by the Australian Registry. For the time being, .COM.AU remains the extension available to companies, who meet the following conditions: they are either a local trading company or have a trademark registered in Australia. For more details do not hesitate to reach your advisor.

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