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This image of a castle on the beach in Puerto Rico highlights this post's main topic: ICANN's conference in San Juan.
A Chief Legal Counsel’s Insights from ICANN 79

ICANN governs the vital infrastructure that businesses and consumers depend on every day. Websites, online shops, and email servers all rely on domain names, making ICANN meeting outcomes highly significant for any modern

This image of two folders marked "2023" and "2024" highlights this post's topic: a press release about EBRAND's achievements in 2023.
EBRAND’s growth in 2023 and beyond

By now, we’re all embracing 2024, and the first two months have almost flown by already. However, there’s still time to celebrate 2023, and a review of last year’s financial

This image of a fishing bob highlights this post's topic: phishing.
Phishing: From email scams to AI deepfakes

Cybercriminals innovate and update their phishing tactics all the time, deploying the latest strategies to deceive their targets and steal their resources. High-profile attacks increasingly dominate headlines, from celebrity deepfakes

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