Fakes or luxuries: The counterfeit market for high-luxury brands

Learn everything about the counterfeit luxury goods market with our legal experts.

Everyone know that fakes circulate online. Counterfeiters target luxury brands, exploiting impressive price tags and loyal customer bases. However, there’s a big difference between anecdotal evidence, and the expert insights from a legal professional. EBRAND’s experts teamed up with The World Trademark Review to dig deeper into the topic, exploring world-leading research and specific cases with the most famous labels.

Our legal eagles Karolina and Luc take you through the state of the luxury counterfeit market and its impact on luxury brands, from Chanel to Gucci. In today’s globalized world, the role of the Internet in the development of the counterfeit market is bigger than ever. Whether it’s through e-commerce giant platforms or social media, online trading of counterfeit goods has boomed over the last few years.

Discover their guide here to get ahead of the scammers, and learn more about counterfeit trends and how to tackle them.

If you want to find out more about digital threats to the industry, from revenue loss to reputational damage, you should explore our dedicated page. There, we lay out a full overview of the prevailing priorities, concerns, risks, objectives, and solutions.

The page’s FAQs also tackle counterfeiting vulnerabilities, business expansion, phishing attacks, and ROI.

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