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This image of two folders marked "2023" and "2024" highlights this post's topic: a press release about EBRAND's achievements in 2023.
EBRAND’s growth in 2023 and beyond

By now, we’re all embracing 2024, and the first two months have almost flown by already. However, there’s still time to celebrate 2023, and a review of last year’s financial

Here we have a close-up of a doll's dress in black and white, launching our discussion of fake Barbie dolls.
What a movie teaches us about fake toys for kids

“She’s not dead, she’s just having an existential crisis”. This immortal line from the new Barbie movie highlights a vital thread in the film: identity, reality, and authenticity. The same

10 recommendations to beat online scams

Online scams spread through modern businesses like wildfire, and in 2022, the temperature only increased. In just 12 months, cybercriminals stole around $55 billion from their targets. Businesses must take

Phishing: 3 days to react

Phishing: all IT departments know about it! However, do they know that most of these attacks focus on brands, peak on Wednesdays and occur within 3 to 5 days after

Is your business secured against DNS hijacking?

DNS hijacking threatens any and every business that operates online. Although the primary targets for cyberattacks are financial institutions due to potential high gain, other companies should not be caught

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