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Domain administration

Domain administration & domain management service FAQ

Reliable, straightforward domain administration ensures efficient business processes. With EBRAND, you have a partner at your side who can offer you precisely that. You benefit from the competent, comprehensive service of our committed team of experts. You can also actively manage your domain portfolio yourself on our intuitive domain management platform.

Our FAQs provide answers to recurring questions on payment, assignment of rights and security as well as to questions relating to data management. And, of course, we are available to provide advice and assistance in person at any time.


Which methods of payment are accepted?

As a service provider of domain management services, EBRAND offers its business customers purchase on account. Payment by credit card or PayPal is not required.

Is it possible to enter more than one invoice recipient?

Yes, of course. This allows you to manage an account for different subsidiaries or project domains and still have everything grouped together centrally in a single account.

What payment intervals are possible?

EBRAND services gives you full flexibility. You can pay for a domain management service monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually – this is entirely up to you.

Can users be assigned different rights?

Yes, as this is the only way that your domain management can function securely and efficiently. The EBRAND domain management platform allows the following rights to be assigned:

  • Admin: Unlimited exercising of all rights
  • Buyer: Issuing of orders, e.g. purchase of domains
  • Technical: Implementation of technical changes, but no issuing of orders
  • Viewer: read access only

How can the account be secured?

You have a choice between two options:

  • Standard login with your email address and a password
  • Two-step verification login with an additional code generated on your smartphone

Can information be exported from the software?

Of course. The EBRAND Services domain main management platform offers a large number of export options: e.g. invoices and information about the domains, such as renewal dates and WHOIS data.

Inclusive premium support

Direct, rapid communication

No valuable time is lost with EBRAND: Features of our customer service include phone accessibility with no queuing or hotlines, direct email communication without a ticket system and the guaranteed processing of your request within 24 hours.

Personal contact partner

A member of staff selected from our experienced team of experts in the areas of IT, trademark law, or marketing will personally take care of you and assist you over the long term. This means that your individual requirements and requests can be met in the best possible way and above all, more efficiently.

Proactive support

There are constant innovations in the fast-paced world of the Internet, which are relevant to our customers. We therefore monitor both the market as well as your domain portfolio at all times and inform you well ahead of any changes by ICANN, the registries or of any general innovations in the area of domain management.

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