How to register an .ai domain

The rise of artificial intelligence made the .ai domain extension a valuable asset, both for businesses, and for the Anguillan government. Short for artificial intelligence, and for Anguilla, .ai domains deliver a valuable asset for forward-thinking firms.
Here, we’ll learn more about the .ai domain extension, and how to secure one for your brand.
.ai domain

About .ai

Making a note of these architectural details behind the .ai domain helps you learn what underpins them, and how to acquire one for your business.


Authority in charge

The Government of Anguilla


WHOIS server


Administrative contact

Telecommunications Officer
Government of Anguilla, Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Utilities
Coronation Avenue, PO Box 60
The Valley AI2640


Administrative contact details


Technical contact

Vincent Cate
DataHaven.Net Ltd.
949 Stoney Ground
The Valley AI2640


Technical contact details

Phone number: +1 264 497 3255

How to register .ai domains

Here, we’ll map the steps towards registering a .ai domain so you can expand your company’s online presence.

To register a domain, you first need to check the register to see if it’s available. In this case, you can find the register at

As you can see, the domain is available. Fun fact: Anguilla named their register website Zenaida after the Anguillian state bird, the Zenaida dove!

Anyway, after checking if you desired domain is available, you can work with a registrar to acquire it, such as EBRAND or EuroDNS. Then, it’s a simple five-step process to register you new domain.

1. Provide Contact Information: After confirming the domain's availability, you'll need to supply contact details for the prospective website’s WHOIS data.

2. DNS configuration: Your selected registrar then guides you through your DNS configuration. This includes setting up nameservers, DNS records, and implementing your domain security measures.

3. Choose Registration Period: Choose the duration for which you want to register your .ai domain. Strategic businesses typically opt for multi-year registrations for added convenience.

4. Registration: Your registrar thens forwards your specifications to the domain registry for processing.

5. Confirmation: Once the registry approves your details, your .ai domain comes alive. You'll receive a confirmation email, signifying the successful registration of your domain.

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