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Want to learn how to eliminate counterfeiters, tackle infringement, and recover your ecommerce revenue? Discover Online Brand Protection, an AI-empowered solution for boosting your digital presence.

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Take digital action against counterfeiters and impersonators diluting your brand

Online Brand Protection detects, monitors, and eliminates threats to your online presence. EBRAND’s end-to-end solution reinforces your brand every step of the way.

Businesses waste tonnes of resources playing a game of whack-a-mole with counterfeits and infringements online. Manual takedown requests prove sluggish and ineffectual, while fresh waves of scammers undercut revenues and pollute your brand.
EBRAND Online Brand Protection turns the tide on scammers and counterfeiters, enforcing your IP at scale across marketplaces, social media channels and more. From machine-learning detection and prioritization tools to takedowns enforced by teams of IP lawyers, EBRAND’s ARGOS platform hands you a suite of digital solutions. Learning more about what’s possible helps you build the most effective deterrent for stamping your brand onto the market. Download the free resource above to enforce your brand.

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