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Domain management

Professional DNS Services

EBRAND’s Anycast DNS solution offers fast DNS responses around the globe. How your website benefits from our DNS:

  • Very high availability
  • Great performance & reliability
  • Advanced, integrated security
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Why a DNS management solution?

Solid, reliable DNS management services are mission-critical for the performance of your website and email. As a corporate business owner, you want your website to be available, fast, reliable and secure, which is what a professional DNS solution should offer today.

Main benefits of a professional DNS solution

We believe a robust, managed DNS solution should at least include the following features:
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100% availability

If your website can’t be accessed because of the DNS, which is unavailable, that means losing business. A redundant professional DNS solution offers 100% availability.

High speed
High speed

Speed and performance matter online. Users are not very patient, so any delay of your website might hurt your business. A good DNS solution improves your website’s loading speed significantly.

Integrated security
Integrated security

Protection from DDOS attacks, a one-click DNSSEC, and two-factor authentication are security measures professional DNS services should include nowadays.

EBRAND’s DNS solution offers all these essential features and includes even more services, offering you a complete package.

Looking for another DNS provider?

You may be looking for an alternative to your current DNS provider. There are at least two reasons why companies switch to EBRAND. See if these also apply to your situation.
DNS provider discontinues services

For some DNS providers, whose DNS service is not the core of their business, staying on par with the latest developments is not a priority, which can easily result in the service being discontinued altogether.
This happened when Oracle acquired DNS service provider Dyn in 2016 and discontinued Dyn’s zone services and secondary DNS, leaving customers looking for alternatives.

If your current provider no longer offers the DNS services you want, the EBRAND DNS solution is a great alternative.

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DNS provider increases prices

Fortunately, many businesses are satisfied with their current DNS provider that serves and protects their online presence. But what if your DNS provider increases their pricing and you see your costs increase?
In such a case, you might want to look for a reliable, cost-effective alternative DNS provider.

EBRAND’s DNS service is such an alternative, with extended DNS services and transparent pricing (there’s even a free option!).

Check our DNS solutions and pricing to choose the best option for your business, or contact sales to learn more.

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Our DNS Solution

EBRAND Services offers a very complete, secure and powerful enterprise-ready DNS solution. As you may expect from a professional DNS provider, we go further than the competition to protect your online presence.
Anycast DNS

Using the Anycast DNS networks for our DNS service improves website performance as traffic is routed to the closest server, increasing availability and improving reliability.

ISO 27001 Certified

EBRAND is ISO 27001 certified, which means we have an information security management system in place to ensure your data is secure.


DDoS protection
Reduces the risks of DDoS attacks and ensures uptime

One-click DNSSEC
Easy DNSSEC setup to protect against DNS spoofing

Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Improved security to protect access to the DNS configuration

Role-based DNS management
Define who has access to which parts of the DNS configuration

Change management controls
Prevent DNS changes without a peer-review (4/6 eyes principle)

Email DNS protection
Define who can send emails from your domain, with a digital signature, etc.

DNS CAA record protection
Defines who can issue an SSL Certificate on your behalf

Pricing of our DNS solution

Most DNS providers ask for a hefty subscription fee for their DNS services. But not EBRAND Services. Our philosophy is to offer a good and secure online presence, and therefore we offer two different pricing options for our DNS solution. Check both options and find the one that best meets your needs.
Free DNS services with domains

Domains registered with EBRAND Services benefit from our advanced, professional DNS management platform for free. You only pay for the domain, and you're not charged for the DNS services.
If you're interested in transferring your domain portfolio and benefit from our DNS services, then contact sales to get started.

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A fixed fee for DNS only

If you opt for the full DNS package without registering your domains with EBRAND, you will pay a fixed fee that is not related to the number of DNS lookup queries you're sending.
This is the perfect solution if you do not yet want to migrate your current domain portfolio to EBRAND Services.

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What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name Service) converts a human-readable domain name (like into an IP address (like, used by computers and systems. It’s basically a large database with all the domain names and their IP addresses, stored on nameservers.

Why do I need a DNS solution?

Without a DNS, your domain won’t be accessible and your website won’t load. But there are other arguments to use a robust DNS solution:

  • Improve performance by reducing load time
  • Protect your website by making sure the domain maps to the correct IP address
  • Improve availability and reliability. Our Anycast DNS serves from the closest nameserver
  • Improve security by limiting unauthorized access, reducing the risks of spoofing, and adding protection against DDoS and phishing attacks.

Why is DNS important for my business?

The success of online businesses depends largely on the availability and speed of their websites. A good DNS solution increases performance, adds security to your website, and improves availability and reliability.

It helps your business to focus on what you do best: running your business.

What is Anycast DNS?

Anycast DNS is a protocol that ensures that all your DNS records are spread on name servers worldwide, so traffic is always directed to the server that is closest to your user. Having this redundant system in place ensures high performance and high availability, making it a must-have for a reliable online presence, for businesses and individuals alike.

What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions and is a set of security protocols to enhance the DNS lookup. The additional security layer involves a digital signature that protects website visitors from false DNS redirects.
DNSSEC ensures that when a user wants to visit a website, he’s directed to the verified, correct website and not to a fake replacement website.

What is a DNS DDOS attack and how does protection work?

In a DNS DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service attack, also called a DNS flood) there is more traffic sent to a DNS server than it can handle. This hampers the server to process the legitimate DNS requests and direct these requests to the right website.

The Anycast DNS infrastructure helps to protect the DNS servers from DDoS attacks.

What does DNS CAA stand for?

DNS CAA (Certification Authority Authorization) record specifies which certificate authorities (CAs) are allowed to issue certificates for a certain domain. This ensures that a website has a valid certificate, which further protects user data.

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