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Domain Names

Full portfolio management

Domain names, consultancy, audit, recovery, all in one location. EBRAND: the one-stop shop for domain professionals and brand owners.

Complimentary Domain Audit

What we can do for you

EBRAND is an ICANN accredited registrar and registers your domain names throughout the world, in any language, and takes care of all administrative procedures.

Just let us guide you...

Everything you need

EBRAND comprehensively covers your domain name needs

Research & View

Look up availability and prior rights for a domain name amid more than 1800 existing extensions.

Register & Renew

Register and manage domain names securely in every extension available including local presences.

Centralized Portfolio

Reconstitute, centralize and manage disseminated domain names to give you peace of mind.

Domain Recovery

Buy back and recover domain names held by third parties and get advice how to better defend yourself.

Hosting & Admin

Host and configure your domain names on resilient DNS servers with the strictest security standards, professional options and 24/7 service.

Domain Consultation

Get advice on the new extensions (new gTLDs), introduce new products or brands, evaluate your domains, optimize cost and audit compliance.


The domain name management platform that helps you save time

Ergonomic and fast

You can research domain name availability online among more than 1800 extensions

Exhaustive and practical

Register, manage and sort your domain names by brand or company, monitor your orders and access your invoices online

Efficient and Safe

for all online technical modifications: redirections, crosschecks, server changes, access to zone files


One-stop shop for your domains

We register and manage all domain names, whatever the extension, in every country and in every language. We help you develop your online strategy, streamline costs and fight cybersquatting.


Your adviser is an expert with a minimum of 10 years experience in domain names and brand protection on the Internet. He/she supports you to the full and provides you with a “made-to-measure” confidential solution to all your problems.

Fast, reliable, safe DNS service

We know how important your domain name is. And so we provide the best DNS hosting there is to ensure the most secure connections to your website and email services.

Free Domain Audit

Confidently share your details with us and receive a complimentary domain audit for your brand to see how EBRAND can secure your domain name portfolio.

Request Callback

We offer free complimentary audits to highlight how we can help.
Let one of our dedicated experts contact you back as soon as possible.

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