Domain monitoring

Staying alert to threats and opportunities in the domain landscape proves crucial for modern businesses. As threats evolve, so do your solutions.
Here, we'll unpack traditional domain monitoring, before exploring its successors in Digital Risk Protection, learning more ways to protect your business and enhance your online presence. 

Understanding domain monitoring

With domain monitoring, businesses take a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential threats to online assets. The process involves tracking domain registrations, detecting unauthorized usage, and taking preventive measures to protect online IP. Traditionally, domain monitoring relied on manual work, from spreadsheets to pen and paper, but modern solutions leverage automation and real-time tracking for enhanced security. 


Tracking registrations

Detecting infringements

Detecting infringements

Takedowns and blocklists

Takedowns and blocklists

Supporting expansion

Supporting expansion

What is Digital Risk Protection?

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) represents the evolution of domain monitoring, solving your domain monitoring needs with comprehensive tools and services.

Traditional domain monitoring struggles to integrate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time threat intelligence, proactive risk mitigation, and continuous monitoring of your online presence.

However, with DRP, businesses centralize their asset monitoring, streamline compliance processes, and ensure robust protection against cyber threats. 

Beyond domain monitoring

Monitoring domains, the cornerstones of the internet, plays a crucial part in protecting your business online. However, cybercriminals attack brands and employees across multiple vectors, so businesses must patrol all relevant channels to stay safe and successful across modern digital landscapes.

That’s where Digital Risk Protection comes in, protecting brands beyond domains.

Imagery infringements

Imagery infringements

Social media impersonation

Web content infringements

Web content infringements

Fake apps on app stores

Supporting Fake apps on app stores

Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Enhancing Your Digital Defenses

Embracing the core tenets of domain monitoring, EBRAND solutions fortify your digital assets and protect your business from cyber threats. You’ll find all the tools and services you need to protect your domains, and the rest of your digital assets, across all relevant channels.


Protective AI

EBRAND's AI-powered solution offers real-time detection and mitigation across your brand’s threat landscape. This ensures a proactive defense against evolving cyber risks.


Risk scoring

EBRAND risk scoring automatically ranks and prioritizes domain risks. It also analyses threats across all relevant threat vectors, informing a successful monitoring strategy.


Tailored support

Tailored support from local domain experts and specialized IP lawyers helps personalize your domain solution to your brand's exact needs. Industry connections and rapid responses help you capitalize on every opportunity to boost your brand.


Domain expertise

EBRAND also specializes in Corporate Domain Management, a complementary solution for securing domains, optimizing portfolios, and delivering sustainable portfolio growth. This expertize further reinforces your online presence.

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