Removing fake listings from the AliExpress online marketplace

Fake product in online market places trick customers and undercut ecommerce revenue streams. Tackling scammers can seem daunting on a platform as large as AliExpress, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Here, we’ll learn more about the platform, and how to remove fake listings.

About AliExpress

Here are some foundational details about the AliExpress platform. Learning these key pieces of context helps inform your takedown strategy going forward.



Jack Ma


April 26th, 2010


1,000 - 5,000


Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Takedown measures

As part of the Alibaba Group, AliExpress offers two main streams for enforcing your intellectual property.

1. Directly, via email

The Alibaba group provides a direct email address for raising and resolving intellectual property disputes, namely They request that you include any supporting evidence in your email, to which they will then apply the relevant legal procedures.

However, they recommend their IP platform for efficient resolution.

2. Via their IP Platform

Alibaba setup an IP platform for Aliexpress and their other online market places. The Alibaba Intellectual Property Platform (IPP) lets you verify yourself as a rights holder, then lodge takedown requests to protect your brand.

While other sellers can raise counter-claims against your complaints, the Alibaba IPP offers a streamlined way to enforce justice on Aliexpress as an online market place.

How to use the Alibaba IPP

In any case, carrying out these kinds of takedown procedures manually can be a taxing and time-consuming task. Partnering with brand protection experts helps streamline and automate your infringement actions, so reach out to the EBRAND team if you’re interested.


Register an account

You can register here, or login to the platform with an existing Aliexpress account.


Register your IP

To register your products on the platform, you just need proof of identity and proof of IP rights, such as a trademark, copyright, or patent.


Raise the infringement

Next, simply outline the infringement, along with any other supporting evidence.


Manage the action

The Alibaba team then verify the infringement, take action, and notify you of their progress.

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