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BIMI Email Verification

Want to learn more about Brand Indicators for Message Identification, so you can boost your email engagement, establish your brand's digital presence, and protect your recipients from phishing attacks?

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BIMI Email Verification
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Fight phishing with Brand Indicators for Message Identification

Scammers constantly pick up new tools to trick their targets, so it's about time we do the same.

Phishing attackers stop at nothing to deceive the vulnerable, constantly innovating new scams for profit. Whether they’re stealing client’s passwords to rob their life savings, or using AI text-writers and deepfake voice changers to scam your CEO, these attacks must be stopped to protect your business.

BIMI opens a new avenue to do just that, while providing other benefits in terms of trust and authenticity. Leveraging VMC, or verified mark certificates, this technology boosts and protects your authorized emails, and that’s why we made a free fact sheet to highlight its potential. In the guide above, we tackle the technicals, while highlighting statistics that reveal just how much BIMI improves email connectivity.

If you haven’t already, it’s also worth exploring our BIMI blog, where we take a broader look at the technology’s evolving role in corporate communication culture. 

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