Removing fake listings from the Amazon online marketplace

The Amazon market place revolutionized ecommerce for consumers and businesses alike. However, when counterfeits and fake products populate the service, they trick users and undercut business revenue. Let’s explore the most effective method for removing fake listings from the Amazon store.

About Amazon

Everyone knows Amazon, but aligning on some key contextual details helps you understand the platform’s scale, informing your next steps to remove listings.



Jeff Bezos


July 5th, 1994


1.6 million


Seattle, Washington, US

Takedown measures

Like many online marketplaces, Amazon offer a few avenues to protect your products and remove fake listings from their platform.

Here, you can report infringements directly with Amazon.

They also provide a contact us form for sellers on their platform to report inappropriate listings and policy violations for counterfeits and infringments.

Thirdly, businesses find it far easier to remove listings from Amazon when they register their trademarks and pending trademarks with the Amazon Brand Registry.

How to use the Amazon Brand Registry

In any case, carrying out these kinds of takedown procedures manually can be a taxing and time-consuming task. Partnering with brand protection experts helps streamline and automate your infringement actions, so reach out to the EBRAND team if you’re interested.



To register for Amazon’s registry, you need an accredited trademark from a list of approved national governments, or the EUIPO. Ensure your trademark is approved, and locate your trademark number before continuing.


Sign in

Next, simply sign in to your amazon account, either as a seller or a vendor.


Enroll your brand

Finally, unroll your brand, using your brand name, trademark registration number, and a list of product categories.



Amazon monitor and take down certain listings from their platform, but they don't enforce against any scammers undermining your brand. For that, and for streamlined anti-counterfeiting across all relevant channels, you need Online Brand Protection.

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