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ICANN AGMs decide the future of the internet, and understanding their impact underpins success online. From new gTLDs to DNS abuse and sweeping legislation, our Chief Legal Oficer Luc Seufer unpacks the latest updates for you right here.

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This image of our ICANN whitepaper highlights the seven key takeaways, including TLDs news and more, from EBRAND's CLO Luc Seufer.
Here’s Luc’s digital report, breaking down the 7 most crucial takeaways

Arm yourself with free ICANN insights from EBRAND’s Chief Legal Officer

The internet’s architecture changes the way that businesses make money and meet new clients online. Luc Seufer, a member of the registrar representatives, delivers insider takeaways from the recent conference in Hamburg.

Recapping the key developments into seven points from the ICANN AGM provides an efficient, high-value recap.

However, beyond recapping the event, Luc’s retrospective helps us look forward, as well as back. Understanding developments in domain extensions, accountability policy, and legislative roll-outs helps us prepare for the future. Getting ahead of these changes delivers the best chance to capitalize on opportunities and minimize risks, creating data-led strategies fuelled by a seasoned experts with first-hand insights. Download the free resource above to inform your strategies and equip your brand.

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