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How one financial management firm
defeats phishing

Discussing anti-scam tactics in the abstract only goes so far. Here, we take a hands-on approach, analyzing a real financial management firm's story, and drawing top tips from their work so far.

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Top tips from the financial management industry's front lines against cybercrime

Successful anti-scam campaigns inspire you with the latest tactics, solutions, and results

Knowledge is power. In the funds industry and beyond, threat intelligence and case study insights help you meet challenges before they strike your business. 

In the case study above, we map a financial management firm’s journey from cyberattack victim to successful risk protection expert.

Laying out one firm’s challenges, strategy, solutions, and results delivers the necessary insights to keep a business safe. In the study, we tackle long term and short term digital threats, outlining five clear top tips to defeat scammers online.

For more insights about the challenges facing the funds industry, and how to tackle them with cutting edge solutions, see our financial services industry page or contact the team.

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