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The best fake shop finder and fake shop lists 

When it comes to identifying a fake shop online, common sense doesn’t cut it anymore. Cybercriminals rip consumers and businesses off with a variety of scams, from fake websites that sell nothing and steal credentials, to online counterfeits and IP infringements that peddle fakes worldwide. As AI gives scammers even more tools to swindle legitimate buyers and sellers, we all need more tools to fight back. For consumers, a fake shop finder and or a fake shop list offers a first line of defense against ecommerce scams.

That’s why we’re exploring the best fake shop mitigation platforms on the market, including government databases, non-profit threat intelligence, and more. 

Using an international fake shop finder 

Fake shops threaten consumers on an international scale. Staying safe often requires an international solution, and risk-aware consumers often benefit from global fake shop finders and customer protection tools. 


Scamadviser provides straightforward and effective tools for consumers to avoid fake shops online. Simply enter a URL, and the platform analyzes a vast database of threat intelligence to provide a data-led reputation analysis for any given outlet.

The platform leverages data from anti-scam experts and authorities, along with user data, flagging millions of fake shops and helping consumers stay safe online. They also support users with a variety of other consumer scams, from romance scams to employment fraud.

Global Anti-Scam Organisation

When it comes to fake shop lists, Global Anti-Scam Organization provides an informative first step for consumers. The platform provides an indexed list of confirmed scams and fakeshops, spanning hundreds of pages of cybercrime intelligence.

The International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network

The International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) website doesn’t offer a dedicated fake shop list or finder, but it provides valuable multimedia content aimed at helping users identify and evaluate potential fake shops. The platform offers links to specific and practical national resources from various countries, helping consumers avoid scams and stay safe online. Emphasizing the importance of informed financial decisions, ICPEN’s website acts as a hub for global consumer protection information. They also host resources from government organizations worldwide, including Australia’s Scamwatch, Canada’s Anti-Fraud Centre, and the United States’ Federal Trade Commission and FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Other international organizations like EUIPO and EUROPOL conduct important work in detecting and eliminating fake shops online, but they don’t provide fake shop lists of fake shop checkers. You may find a better solution in a nation-specific resource if you’re a consumer looking to protect yourself online.  

Fake Shop Finders for the German-speaking Region

As a family of strong European economies, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland present choice targets for fake shop scammers. Fortunately, consumers in the region benefit from robust, effective, and well-resourced fake shop finders and consumer intelligence tools. 


Verbraucherzentrale’s “Fakeshop-Finder” is a German government service that evaluates online shop legitimacy. Users input a shop’s URL, and the tool categorizes results with green, yellow, or red indicators. Verbraucherzentrale also offers resources like the Fakeshop-Glossar and Fakeshop-Kalender, providing insights into technical details and seasonal trends. Bookmarking this page creates an easy shortcut to the German government’s tools for protecting consumers online.

Fake shops also present a crucial focus for Austrian authorities, due to their sever impact on the Austrian public. This fake shop checker, supported by the Austrian Insititute of Technology, uses open source intelligence, and an AI algorithm, to evaluate any URL a consumer enters, and provide a reliable analysis that promotes safe shopping.

AT Internet Watchlist

The Austrian internet watchlist also provides effective URL search tools, serving consumers in need of a fake shop finder. The group works closely with Austrian authorities, so they’re well worth checking out.

Stiftung für Konsumentenschutz (SKS Switzerland) 

The Swiss Foundation for Consumer Protection offers consumers in Switzerland an authority on fighting counterfeits and fake shops online. While they’re not a fake shops finder as such, SKS Switzerland offers protection information and advice for consumers who may be suspicious about particular scams, especially if they’re operating in the area.

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Using a UK Fake Shop Finder or Fake Shop List

Fake shops plague the UK market, but again, plenty of consumer protection organizations dedicate themselves to fighting back.

Get Safe Online Fake Shop Finder

Get Safe Online’s Check a Website tool delivers effective fake shop finder solutions for UK consumers. This platform employs a sophisticated algorithm, analyzing over 40 data sources and thousands of reports to provide users with a trust score, helping them identify whether a website is legitimate or a potential scam before visiting. UK consumers benefit from this valuable resource, offering an additional layer of protection against online fraud and scams.


When UK consumers need a government-backed resource for reporting fake shops and phishing scams, the National Cyber Security Centre also comes in handy. This national platform offers guidance on consumer rights, along with the ability to report scams. Collaborating with law enforcement, the NCSC helps users contribute to a coordinated effort against online fraud, including fake shops and beyond.

Which? Scam Finder and Scam Alerts

If you’re a savvy British consumer, you know about Which?. The first port of call for researching any household purchase, from cars to kettles, Which? provides a definitive review and comparison platform that’s versatile and valuable. Their consumer services also extend to scams and fake shops. Signing up for scam alerts helps clue you in on any developing fake shop campaigns, along with other consumer-facing cybercrime like email scams and deepfakes. While they don’t provide a fake shop finder, you can report a scam directly to Which? with a quick questionnaire.

EU member state resources 

Several EU member states offer scam-checking tools and fake shop lists for consumers, including Denmark. In fact, the EBRAND Denmark team worked closely with the Danish registry and other key stakeholders to launch the official Danish scam checker and fake shop finder, tjekpå Learn more about that project, and its potential for consumers in the Danish market and beyond, right here.

Beyond that, it’s worth searching your national market for the fake shop list or fake shop list that suits you best. One alternative for EU citizens struggling to find their national fake shop list is the European Consumer Centre. This EU-funded organization provides plenty of resources to help consumers identify and mitigate scams online, particularly in France and Italy

Other Consumer Resources for Australia and North America  

Bustling consumer markets across Australia and North America require the right tools to tackle fake shops. Drawing from government agencies, and reliable non-profits, helps consumers steer clear of ecommerce scams when securing bargains online.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Scam Tracker (USA and Canada) 

This tool enables users to report scams and fraudulent activities. By aggregating data, the BBB Scam Tracker supports consumers in the identification and tracking of emerging trends in online scams. 

Scamwatch (Australia) 

Run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), this platform provides information about scams and encourages reporting. Its focus on data-driven insights helps the platform in crafting effective strategies against a diverse range of online threats. 

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Business Solutions: An EBRAND Fake Shop Audit 

While tools like Verbraucherzentrale and Scamadviser serve as invaluable resources for consumers, businesses need comprehensive solutions. Fake shops besiege businesses whether they know it or not, stealing revenue, defrauding customers, and polluting brands. Our team at EBRAND deliver an effective solution that’s already helping industry leaders clean up the market and enforce their IP against fake shop scams.

If you’re interested, our team can provide a free fake shop check to see what’s out there. Together, we can learn more about the fake shop threats facing your business, and deploy some effective tools to fight back.

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