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When it comes to domain strategies, online infringements, and digital fraud, you can wave goodbye to stress and hassle.
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Businesses need a comprehensive strategy to succeed online

Expert support, end-to-end service, and AI-enhanced tools help you boost and protect your brand, while bridging corporate silos.

EBRAND trinity, depicting online brand protection, digital risk protection, and corporate domain management.

European headquarters: Global reach

We deliver comprehensive solutions around the world.

Eliminate counterfeiters

Comb through marketplaces, social media channels, and webstores to detect and combat counterfeiting while reinforcing your brand.

Online Brand Protection

Great reputations are hard to come by, so it’s worth protecting yours online. Online Brand Protection builds customer trust and sustainable revenue.

Anti-Counterfeiting Tools

Detect and remove counterfeits from websites, webstories, and more.

Trademark and IP Protection

Identify infringements on your intellectual property across the internet.

Partner Compliance

Manage distribution networks to maintain legal and corporate compliance.

Revenue recovery

Combine counterfeit elimination and reseller alignment to increase your market share.

Are criminals exploiting your brand?

Stop cybercriminals

Search the web, including social and dark web channels, to identify threats and stop criminals from exploiting your business.

Digital Risk Protection

Proactive risk protection strategies keep your businesses safe, disarming cyberattacks and defending your data.

Fraud and scam protection

Protect your business and your clients from phishing, imposters, and cyber squatters.

External attack surface management

Detect weaknesses in internet-facing assets and remediate threats to reinforce defenses.

Dark web intelligence

Uncover attacks and leaked data, including employee passwords and customer card details.

What’s threatening your business?

Keep your websites secure and profitable

Consolidate your domains, register strategic new assets, and strengthen and secure your portfolio.

Corporate Domain Management

Online businesses can’t thrive, or even function, without domains. Managing your domains protects websites, email servers, and more.


Secure your traffic and protect yourself against attacks like DNS hijacking and spoofing.


Streamline your workflows, from domain registration to SSL management.


Align and optimize your global domain portfolio with your company’s unique goals.

Are your domains future-proof?

Network of accredited partners

Teamwork helps us succeed. EBRAND’s network of industry-leading partners delivers the expert skillset and knowledgeable authority we need to serve our clients to the fullest.

Our Customers

Serving more than 500 leading brands worldwide.


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